Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wails over nails

so even though i could care less for her music, i somehow stumbled upon katy perry's blog and i cant seem to help oogling over some of her over-the-top cutesy wardrobe pieces. specifically her faboolish nails:

^sushi right at your fingertips.

^halloween baybee.

and all i could ever do was give myself french tips...(but they did look hot and professional!)


  1. whhhhat the heck? that's awesome, i love the SUSHI one the best! hehe :)

  2. The sushi one is insane!!! I wonder how long it would take to do a set like that. probably forever! (: But they look so delicious. mmm

  3. OMG!! YUM! I love sushi!

    wow though that reallly looks like it took forever...wow!

    very cool though!

    thank you for posting!

    ps...I came by your blog by way of the FABULOUS poptart Adele! I <3 her! She is totally adorable!

  4. Thank you Josie for your lovely comment. I really love this post, my favourite nails are the first ones. So fun!

  5. how cute - i never knew she did her nails so creatively!

  6. those are gorgeous! i especially love the first one! but the sushi is just plain ridiculous. i mean how will you go about your daily chores w/ sushi sticking out? HAHA. cute, though.

  7. Haha!
    How cool is the sushi one!
    I had sushi the other day, I loveeee it.
    It's the most amazing food!
    lovely blog x

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get it done lovelies! :)