Thursday, September 10, 2009

apartment update! yaaay

hihihi guys!

so im finally settling in to L.A. fast and well and all is grand over here. i have Skype to thank for getting rid of the huge burden that was not being able to see my mikeycakes for months, and cyber face-to-face chatting is much better than plain phone chatting any day. fur reels. also mike lets roland and mr. fuzzypants into the convo every now and then, too, so it's like i have the whole cuddle club right with me when we're talking :)

anyhows, the apartments are rather pleasant despite being ancient (they were built in 1969...yeah...). i live in a quad with 3 other roomates, meaning 2 people per bedroom. sooo, even though the apt is nice and spacey upon entering, the actual bedrooms are pretty cozy - BUT they have good closet space, so this girl aint complaining! oh and each room gets their own bathroom, huzzah! (thank the big g i didnt ever have to live in a dorm with a community shower...ughh the nightmares) anyways, i'll let the pics say the rest:

my tiny little beddy

my lovely & large sliding mirror closet next to my bed. and yes, that is my queen comforter folded over, and yes i do sleep wrapped up like a burrito every night, cozy as can be :)
oh but dont mind my lack of a bedskirt, i am a gross college student just trying to make it by. u kno...

inside half of my messy closet, the rest of my more casual clothes are shoved into my dresser. yay for adequate clothes space :D

i cant believe i packed 2 huge luggages and these were the only pairs of shoes i could manage to take...i miss you, shoes back home! esp. my boots collections (see you in the winter!)

i have the left side of the dresser with the mirror, so appropriate for my vainass self. yah jk.

practically empty kitchen. someone come cook for me please!

dining room from afar

living room...with NO TV. wahh wtf, so all cable/premium channels are included in tuition but they failed to mention how they took out the acual tvs entirely...

and lastly patty the patio (my 'mates have no idea ive just now named her that, but i think it rings pleasantly)

alright so that's all for our actual apartment today, hopefully have more pics of the fun extra stuff/amenities they have on location - like the pool/jacooz (which i laid by most of today, maybe actually swim in tomorrow), tennis court, volleyball court, etc.

oh but most importantly, i want to thank you for all your warm and welcoming wishes, it really meant a lot and made me less homesick and more at ease. kishes for you! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hooray im in LA!

hi lovies!

sorry ive been a bad blogger all last week and longer, but ive been rushing around like a mad woman trying to settle in my new home of 3 months in LA. just wanted to let you know ive arrived safely (though not a happy camper...i hate hate haaaate flying - smelly planes, no personal space, crappy food/drink, forced sitting, etc.) and me and the 3 other roomies are just settling in (slowly but surely!). though it's really sad of me to say because i just got here, but i am really homesick missing mike, roland (my bunny), and mr. fuzzypants (his/our kitty). gotta keep telling myself not to stress, and i'll see them again soon (flying air kisses from one coast to the other!)

just not from this ^ guy...

anyhows, no personal pics for today, as i am beyond mentally exhausted. just wanna let you ladies know ive missed you and will try catching up on all your blogs asap! but pls dont get mad if im scarce on posts for the first move-in month, you can just expect crazy LA stories to make up for it :) haha o boy i dont know if i can live up to that statement...!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1 week til moving day, commence freak out!

hello lovies!

so as some of you may already know, i am moving exactly 1 week from today to spend my fall semester (finally a senior btw, yessir!) at my college's Los Angeles Program. the whole point is to give students interested in the entertainment industry (mostly film and marketing students, of which i am the latter) the opportunity to attain an internship in some of the most successful companies out there. so far i've had phone interviews with ABC/Disney and NBC/Universal, and i am scheduled for an in-person interview with Focus Features the week i arrive.

needless to say, i am sooooper excited but also nervous/emo about leaving behind my loved ones :[ but hey, it's only 3 months and the semesters always fly by for me, and though im going to miss autumn (one of my favorite seasons, and definitely worth the trip to New England if youve never seen/been), i'll be home in time for christmas in the city paved with snow (the only way it should be spent, just imo...though i can do away with february's brutal wind storms)!

anyhows, i'll be living here in the Oakwood Apartments
in Toluca Hills with 2 other roomies:

complete w/ a furnished kitchen

living room


outdoor pool

tennis court (wish i didnt loose my rackets, boo)


the view of the hills from the apts

look out hollywood, im comin' fo yaaah :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

uhmm, is it the weekend yet???

ohai monday, can you pls do me a favor and get lost while taking tuesday & wednesday with you?? kthanks.

oyeeee, not really in the mood to do anything but cuddle right now. it was a lazy weekend for me and i wasnt finished being a bum! however, considering this upcoming weekend will be my last on the east coast (for the next 3 months at least - blog update about that later) i plan to live it uppp and this is the song that will be playing all night in my head:

befaw his pedo days...or at least bfaw he came out the closet.

o hay look ive even included the nasty lyrics faw yall to bounce wit!:

Now I'm not trynna be rude
But hey pretty girl I'm feelin' you
The way you do the things ya do
Reminds me of my Lexus coupe
That's why I'm all up in ya grill
Trynna get you to a hotel
You must be a football coach
The way you got me playin' da field

So baby gimme dat "Toot toot"
And lemme gi' ya that "Beep beep"
Runnin' her hands through my fro'
Bouncin' on twenty fo's
While they sayin' on the radio

It's the remix to ignition
Hot and fresh out the kitchen
Mama rollin' that body
Got ev'ry man in here wishin'
Sippin' on coke and rum (rum)
I'm like so what I'm drunk (drunk)
It's the freakin' weekend
Baby I'm about to have me some fun (fun)

Now it's like "Murda She Wrote"
Once I get cha out them clothes
Privacy is on the do'
But still they can hear ya screamin' mo'
Girl I'm feelin' whatchu feelin'
No more hopin' and wishin'
I'm about to take my key 'n'
Stick it in da ignition

Crystal poppin'
In the stretch Navigata
We got food everywhere
As if the party was catered
We've got
Fellas to my left (left)
Hunnies on my right (right)
We bring 'em both togetha
We got drinkin' all night
Then afta the show
It's the afta party
And afta the party
It's the hotel lobby
Yeah, around about four
You gotta clear the lobby
Then take it to ya room and
Freak somebody

Girl we off in this Jeep
Foggin' windows up
Blastin' the radio
In the back of my truck
Bouncin' up and down
Strokin' round and round
To the remix
We jus' thuggin' it out

that's just how i roll, (o.o)y -- peace!

Friday, August 28, 2009

DVF Fall '09 handbag launch/Penthouse Party!

ohai guys!

so to recap last night's festivities, me and my loverly friend amanda went to a penthouse party on Congress St. to celebrate the DVF fall 2009 handbag launch. in short, it was AWESOME. my old work (Stuff Magazine) was co-sponsoring with Luna Boston (check out that link to their website to see all of their jaw dropping goodies) and Bin Ends Wine (ummm 1230123821 empited bottles of free wine by the end of the night, so good). i didnt get any pictures inside the actual event because of all the crowded mayhem going on, but these were some of her bags on display/on sale that night:

umm, please b mine the 2 in the center row!

free goodies in the night's swag bag

shoe love, toe hate!

lol being my normal, tooly self
also my room looks like a broken down prison thanks to packing my life up for the big east meets west coast move in less than 2 weeks! eek!

ohai sleepy eyes...ready for bed much?

kisseskisseskisses for all you misses!

all i can say in closing is that i cant believe i am at work today....

have a FABULOUS weekend lovies!! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's a good day to go shoppangpoompow!

so to answer the question in my last post, my bfffl kristin just turned 31 this past week! yes, thirty one not 21 haha. and yes, she still gets asked for her ID at rated R movies. keepin' the youth girl! i think all filipinos look about 5-10yrs younger than they actually are though, because even though i dont get carded for movies or even alcohol most of the time, i still have distant relatives ask if ive graduated high school yet...sigh. at least i'll look bangin' when im 40 though! :X

anyhows, she left to go back to Vegas yesterday and i wish her the best! she definitely brought the best, or maybe worst? haha, of Vegas back home last weekend xD

she's like 4'9" and would put this drink to shame if it were real! (all the shots of Crown were her idea, that's her trademark partygurl drank lols)

and then this is how i spent my hour and a half "lunch" break today...buying me some quick goodies!

new Zara bag and cheap-o sunnies from Aldo. im so tooly.

holler leopard top rim and transparent pink body.
im so lame for leopard!<3

idk about you high rollers, but i love cheap sunnies for the fact that i lose mine all the time and i seem to need every color of the rainbow plus patterns. and my collection just keeps growing (see previous sunnies post *here*)

and this is how i get by, mid-shift of the workday....

any of you ladies make some sweet deals on shopping this week??
youre all FAB to me :D

Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend recap!

hayyo, what a weekend!

so as i mentioned at the end of my last post, Kristin, one of my bfff's since birth and truly my 2nd sister, came home for the weekend to celebrate her extended birthday in Boston! extra points to whoever can guess how old she just turned. haha, we all joke about her cutie petiteness, but *hint* she is older than me! anyways, to sum up the night here is yet another vast array of pictures...they may not say it all, but they say enough. hehe :X

starting off the night at her parent's house haha. all squished around bbq, beers, and shots of Crown :) Kristin is on the far right with the glasses and turquoise+purple dress

me & my seeshter at The Market in Fanueil Hall :) looking a hot mess! haha. rooftop parties in 90degree weather dont mix with our hair well...!

yes, that is 15 shots of Crown. 3rd round out of 6...eep!

and thus leads to this...hahah poor Joe!
@ Chau Chow City for the best eats you can find at 3am, let alone the only place really open at that hour (Boston can be so lame like that!)

ah yes, what a night...where we arrived back home at 5:30am just so i could sleep for about 4hrs and wake up for a pool party at my grandparents house of all places! haha. it was my Lolo's (that means grandpa in Tagalog, aka "Filipino" i guess to some...) bday and we had yet another delicious bbq, and thank holy heavens i managed to avoid a hangover. instead, i got to appreciate this big bundle of cuteeenesssss while i lounged in the sun :D

my nephew Dante, a nearly 3yr old who fits into 5T player anyone?

my niece Kamryn, who has the maturity of a 30yr old sometimes i swear! intelligent and sweet to the bee's knees!

oh hai! looking quite composed after last night's/early morning's festivities
and my funky nails haha. idk i thought the colors were quite chipper and they made me happy so i took a pickcha :)

and now it's back to work....oyee!
hope everybuddys having a good start to their week :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

hey lush, have fun - it's the weekend!

ahh, this entire week has been so crazy busy. but i've loved every minute of it, and i think the drinking every single day since monday factor has helped (oh and you know it only continues on stronger for the rest of this weekend!). in short, that opening just means that this will be a picture heavy post (my fave, it seems)!

so anyways, it was funny that you all commented on my last post wishing i had stuck with the UO dress...because i ended up doing just that! haha. so now im glad you actually approved of it. it was just way too hot to wear my thick, black dress, and i mean common who doesnt love summertime floral?? i paired it with a chunky necklace and that's about it. again, must keep minimal in a 90-degree scorcher! here's a select "few" shots to sum up the Red Carpet Gala event:

cupcakes from "Sweet" bakery (red velvet was sinfully good, mmm)

Maker's Mark bar-staff guys, handing out full cups on the rocks! as mike would say, "good men" :D

only about half of the other sample companies at the event. amazing.
i did NOT wear those flipflops inside the actual event, haha. i am just a wusssssay at the end of the night and my black pumps were killing me :'[

now throw ya hands in tha aye-err, and wave em lyke ya jus dont caye-err

oh hai handsome :)

back home, engulfing myself our comfiest bed/blankets EVER (central cooling you are heaven!)

oh cheap Zara shoes, you are simple & lovely but pain my narrow ass feet too much. you get what you pay for huh?

the entire event was soooo much fun, and me and mike got way more than tipsy off of the huge variety of free drinks than we probably expected.

the next morning was another scorcher, so what better to do than a trip to the beach?! we went to Hampton, and it was srsly good times:

and thenn, last night was free beers at the Bleacher Bar - sponsored by the local magazine i used to work for as well as the Blue Man Group - practically inside Fenway Park. not that i am a huge baseball fan whatsoever, but free beers with mike + his friends provided ample laughs and stupidity that trumps all the drunken slurs of crazy sports fanatics. the following is the only pic i took that night (thankfully!), at the beginning of the night/our first rounds on my iphone:

as for tonight, one of my closets friends is home for the weekend since she moved to Vegas, and we are sooo gonna tear up the sh*tty east coast bars lavishly LV style :)

hope you all have fabulous weekends in store as well, loves!!