Friday, August 21, 2009

hey lush, have fun - it's the weekend!

ahh, this entire week has been so crazy busy. but i've loved every minute of it, and i think the drinking every single day since monday factor has helped (oh and you know it only continues on stronger for the rest of this weekend!). in short, that opening just means that this will be a picture heavy post (my fave, it seems)!

so anyways, it was funny that you all commented on my last post wishing i had stuck with the UO dress...because i ended up doing just that! haha. so now im glad you actually approved of it. it was just way too hot to wear my thick, black dress, and i mean common who doesnt love summertime floral?? i paired it with a chunky necklace and that's about it. again, must keep minimal in a 90-degree scorcher! here's a select "few" shots to sum up the Red Carpet Gala event:

cupcakes from "Sweet" bakery (red velvet was sinfully good, mmm)

Maker's Mark bar-staff guys, handing out full cups on the rocks! as mike would say, "good men" :D

only about half of the other sample companies at the event. amazing.
i did NOT wear those flipflops inside the actual event, haha. i am just a wusssssay at the end of the night and my black pumps were killing me :'[

now throw ya hands in tha aye-err, and wave em lyke ya jus dont caye-err

oh hai handsome :)

back home, engulfing myself our comfiest bed/blankets EVER (central cooling you are heaven!)

oh cheap Zara shoes, you are simple & lovely but pain my narrow ass feet too much. you get what you pay for huh?

the entire event was soooo much fun, and me and mike got way more than tipsy off of the huge variety of free drinks than we probably expected.

the next morning was another scorcher, so what better to do than a trip to the beach?! we went to Hampton, and it was srsly good times:

and thenn, last night was free beers at the Bleacher Bar - sponsored by the local magazine i used to work for as well as the Blue Man Group - practically inside Fenway Park. not that i am a huge baseball fan whatsoever, but free beers with mike + his friends provided ample laughs and stupidity that trumps all the drunken slurs of crazy sports fanatics. the following is the only pic i took that night (thankfully!), at the beginning of the night/our first rounds on my iphone:

as for tonight, one of my closets friends is home for the weekend since she moved to Vegas, and we are sooo gonna tear up the sh*tty east coast bars lavishly LV style :)

hope you all have fabulous weekends in store as well, loves!!


  1. That dress looks fab on you. I love the colour and the pattern. Friday's here so I know you're going to have fun! You've had a head start since Monday apparently, LOL. Happy weekend!

  2. hey you! your comment made me laugh! because i've seen your name pop up so many times on everyones blogs and i just never thought to click and finally i was like what the heck..we have like all the same "friends" why are we not yet!? haha sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned.. i will do a little drinking of my own so it should be a fun one :) oh and you have a new follower as well my dear!

  3. love the dress! you looked gorgeous girl!


  4. Free beer and good friends - can it get ANY better? Sounds like you had an amazing weekend and your dress is awesome!

  5. Ah, you look absolutely fabulous in that dress, glad you went with it! Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious :D Sounds like you've had an awesome jam-packed week, have a blast tearing up the bars tonight!

  6. you look gorgeous in that dress! have a great weekend girlie

  7. you look so beautiful! and the dress you wore was just perfect! i hope you had a blast, and that your weekend is fab! :)

  8. That dress looks fabulous on you! :) Love the cute pictures! A week like this just means the weekend is only going to get better, hehe. Have a blast and take lotsa pictures, since your picture posts are always so fun to read! <3

  9. so glad you stuck with that dress. you look adorable! i love the close up picture of you. just stunning lady! stop it already :P

    i loves shoes but i hate them. why oh why do they feel the need to feast on our little toesies and feetsies. oh the pain to look this good right?

    glad you had fun. have an awesome weekend honey! xoxo.

  10. lucky you! I wish I was there :) haha, and I've seen people wear flats with nice formal dresses! XD I think I'm going to be one of them soon.. and as for the bed, you look so happy to lay dowwn :) lol! And you have one of the prettiest smiles ^_^

  11. You looked so cute! enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  12. Yessssssss. I knew you would look gorg in it!!!

  13. So glad you picked that dress! You look amazing!!!! And I'm so jealous you've been partying all week... That's what I should've been doing before school starts on Monday... blahhhhh...

  14. You look adorable in that dress sweetie!
    Now you can wear the flip-flop & enjoy the weekend! Woo-Hoo!!


  15. awww looks like you had a great time at the gala! I like your dress :) hehe I always bring a pair of flats or flip flops to events like that when my heels start to hurt as well!

  16. you look fabulous!! {HA I love the flipflops!!}

    hope you are having a great weekend!

  17. Lovely dress!
    Yum. Cupcakes!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  18. I love your dress! I always carry flip flops in my purse for end of the night moments like that, I can totally relate :)


get it done lovelies! :)