Monday, August 3, 2009

back to the blogging world!

well herrow my lovely bloggers, hope you all had a superberific weekend!! :D

seems i have been out of the blogging scene once again as of late. boo to that! but alas, this is how you know school is rapidly approaching...and my fall semester in LA will be here in just one more month. eep. i am so not prepared. however, last friday i successfully completed all of my top priority applications to my top 4 favorite companies in Burbank that i want to intern at. i am limited to the companies closer to Burbank rather that all of LA since i wont have a car, which is probably the thing i need the most to pursue a good career out there, but hey cant a poor girl get by with some power walking legs?? Anyways, here are the 4 companies i've sent my CV's and resume to:

So far only Focus Features has gotten back to me, however if any of you lovely ladies in LA or anyone other fabulous marketing mentors have suggestions/connections with companies out in LA/Burbank - please please leave a comment and help a sister out! haha. social networking is all about shameless self-promotion...

Other than that, this weekend was spent enjoying the amazing scenery of one of my godbrother's weddings. It was seriously soo gorgeous - outside ceremony at a country club-esque location, on a perfectly sunny day (except for those poor men in full suits...sweating bullets isnt exactly appropriate for the occassion, but i applaud your efforts!). Unfortunately I brought my camera, but forgot to put the battery back in after charging it...grrr!
so the best youll get here are some pixelated iphone pics:

o yeah, i gots a new haircut too! haha. im still trying to get used to hair is just way too thick and gets really poofy easily with the constant rain and humidity of this summer *sigh*.

aw look at cakes being such a charmer :)

...but then the heat was starting to get to him...hehe.

cheers to the final month of summer and prayers for endless sunny days! :)


  1. That haircut is FABULOUS lady! Good luck with the internship hunt. Hopefully your chosen companies will realize that they would be lucky to have you!

  2. You look lovely.

    I know some people out in LA doing independent work, but no one at the big companies!

  3. Oh wows, good luck with the internships, I hope you hear back from all of them! You'll dazzle 'em all with your amazing fab haircut :) And gah, I've only ever been to one wedding in my life, so I always envy those with wedding stories haha. Glad you had a great weekend and live up this month while you can :)

  4. good luck on landing that internship! your new haircut looks lovely and i have the exact same problem with my gratuitous amount of hair

  5. I'm so sad that summer is almost ending :( Time for the real world once again! *tear* haha :) and your hair cut looks really cute! I want to go short again but it's a pain in the butt for me to maintain and then it's a bigger pain to grow out! lol

  6. That's so awesome! What are you studying? Film? Those companies would be so much fun to work for. At least that's what I think because of all the great movies! hehe :) And your hair looks amazing! I love it! You look ready to take on the world!

  7. Your hair looks really cute! :)

    And sorry that I can't help you with your search, but I do wish you lots of luck.

  8. Your haircut is adorable! :) I know the feeling of voluminous hair getting all puffy in the summer! Anyway, those companies are great places to get your foot in the door. Hopefully you bump into someone that has some connections to get your one step closer to getting your dream internship. <3

  9. OMG! Email me email me...I totally have connections...we're in the same industry girl.

  10. Okay that's a really cute dress you are wearing. Is it new this season or is it older? Love it on you!


  11. Fab haircut! So much more practical in summer (I should know... I have long hair... but I refuse to cut it... haha). Good luck with the internships! I'm sure you'll bedazzle them with your personality and charm!

  12. aww.. great hair! :) and btw, i miss you! i rarely blog myself these days.. :( don't have the spirit that much like the olden days.. LOL..


  13. Oh J, I love, love, love the haircut!!! You look stunning :)
    Keeping my fingers crossed for that internship :) They'd all be lucky to have you!

  14. Your hair looks so cute! And you are beautiful :)

    Good luck snagging a company. I'm excited to hear what happens

  15. I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!! you look so beautiful, and it works perfectly with your face!!! love it!!!

    i have a sis and a few friends that used to work for warner brothers. sadly they are no longer there, but i am wishing you the best of luck on finding an internship in burbank!


get it done lovelies! :)