Friday, August 14, 2009

happy friday!

hey guys, happy friday!! :)

so fridays have officially become either skip work entirely days, or bring boyfriend to work day, of which today is the latter. yays! anyways, if you couldnt already tell all i do here is goof off, so i will incorporate a funny South Park clip that we watched the other night that has to do with young girls being obsessed with making lists, particularly ranking the cutest boys to the ugliest boys in school:

haha, oh female youth. the entire episode is actually quite funny, so if youre into that crude and juvenile humor then i say watch it :P but anyways, it got me thinking...i dont really remember making that many lists when i was in elementray school, but i do remember playing a poopload of MASH (looved it!)

so, did you have a habit of making a bunch of lists when you were a little girl?? and if so, what were your favorite lists?

also mike begged me to post this random, really stoopid youtube clip. he thinks it's hilarious...(?) i have no comment. boys....haha.


  1. haha I totally remember mash!! we still make lists around work like who would we most likely would have a sexual encounter with if we were forced to and least likely etc hahaha but they're mainly mental lists... cuz we don't wanna get fired...

    I like expensive home furnishing too! Like granite counter top, stainless steel appliances... Sigh. At least those things you only buy once in a blue moon so I guess that sort of justify the cost? lol...

    have a great weekend hot stuff!!

  2. Me too i don't make looong list for school!
    But shopping on the other hand is a differnt story...haha* Happy weekend darling!


  3. Oh wows, I wish I had a job that would have awesome Fridays like that! :) My boyfriend LOVES watching South Park so I've seen so many episodes, but not that one ... that's hysterical. We usually did Mash and then we also did things where we put our names and then our crushes names and then did points or something with the words 'TRUE LOVE' ... it was so bizarre, like a love calculator.

    And that extreme rice video is both horrifying yet awesome, haha.

    Have a great weekend :D

  4. By the way, I left an award for you at my blog :)

  5. I'm scared.
    And feel like screaming.
    I don't know why.
    Next time can you beg Mike not to? ;)

    Happy weekend!
    p.s. blogger's telling me you posted 3 days ago! grrr...

  6. You guys plays MASH? We played the same thing but it was MATCH. I can't remember what the T stood for (probably trash can or something) but C stood for church

    Have fun as an art critic with hugh grant in a french mansion, driving aroud in a jeep.

  7. I used to play MASH. I remember that, and now I do that with my boyfriend. Mwhahaha :-) I love Southpark! My kind of humor.

  8. I did those lists too! I don't think it was called mash here in the Netherlands though...


  9. you brought your bf to work?!?! thats awesome! and yes, lists. i do remember those... when i was working in hotels, my coworker and i made the top 10 hottest guys in the hotel list. hahahahha! and MASH!??! such great memories... we used to play that in our english lit class before it started, right on the chalkboard and played with the teacher. haha! have a happy weekend josie!

  10. Oh my gosh, MASH! So much fun! I could play that all day when I was in high school. I probably still could : ) If my old friends would still play : ). Do people in their 30's play? I popped over from Yelena's blog today to say hi. I thought your name was so cool : ) Josiebean! Perfectly delightful!

  11. lol....south park is my absolute fav.... love this post made me smile :)

  12. haha, hilarious. And yes, I did make lists like that when I was younger. Now I make to-do lists!

  13. love it when it's friday! :))
    and btw, lovely posttt :) enjoy reading it so damn much..
    love you dear!


  14. I totally remember making lists about boys when I was younger, something about what qualities I wanted in a guy. So hilarious!

  15. Haha, that's hilarious! I used to make lists all the time with my friends....thank goodness nobody ever saw those...but just to make sure I should go through my boxes of old stuff and destroy all evidence ;D

  16. oh my! that last clip is total guy humor. my boyfriend's always making me watch those kind of clips. lol. and LISTS! yes i love lists. still do. but i think i was more into slambooks back in my kid days. and oh yes mash was uber fun.

  17. I lovedddd playing mash whenever I was younger :)

  18. yah, i remember mash and have to remember lemon, right? it was a little raunchier than mash, lol
    now all my lists consist of chores and things i have to do that I really dont want to do, bleh

  19. LOL!! I totally remember MASH! LOL :) I hope you had a great weekend!


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