Monday, August 31, 2009

uhmm, is it the weekend yet???

ohai monday, can you pls do me a favor and get lost while taking tuesday & wednesday with you?? kthanks.

oyeeee, not really in the mood to do anything but cuddle right now. it was a lazy weekend for me and i wasnt finished being a bum! however, considering this upcoming weekend will be my last on the east coast (for the next 3 months at least - blog update about that later) i plan to live it uppp and this is the song that will be playing all night in my head:

befaw his pedo days...or at least bfaw he came out the closet.

o hay look ive even included the nasty lyrics faw yall to bounce wit!:

Now I'm not trynna be rude
But hey pretty girl I'm feelin' you
The way you do the things ya do
Reminds me of my Lexus coupe
That's why I'm all up in ya grill
Trynna get you to a hotel
You must be a football coach
The way you got me playin' da field

So baby gimme dat "Toot toot"
And lemme gi' ya that "Beep beep"
Runnin' her hands through my fro'
Bouncin' on twenty fo's
While they sayin' on the radio

It's the remix to ignition
Hot and fresh out the kitchen
Mama rollin' that body
Got ev'ry man in here wishin'
Sippin' on coke and rum (rum)
I'm like so what I'm drunk (drunk)
It's the freakin' weekend
Baby I'm about to have me some fun (fun)

Now it's like "Murda She Wrote"
Once I get cha out them clothes
Privacy is on the do'
But still they can hear ya screamin' mo'
Girl I'm feelin' whatchu feelin'
No more hopin' and wishin'
I'm about to take my key 'n'
Stick it in da ignition

Crystal poppin'
In the stretch Navigata
We got food everywhere
As if the party was catered
We've got
Fellas to my left (left)
Hunnies on my right (right)
We bring 'em both togetha
We got drinkin' all night
Then afta the show
It's the afta party
And afta the party
It's the hotel lobby
Yeah, around about four
You gotta clear the lobby
Then take it to ya room and
Freak somebody

Girl we off in this Jeep
Foggin' windows up
Blastin' the radio
In the back of my truck
Bouncin' up and down
Strokin' round and round
To the remix
We jus' thuggin' it out

that's just how i roll, (o.o)y -- peace!


  1. Bleh I am hating today! WAY to busy. SWAMPED!


  2. R KELLY!!!!!!!! hahaha! whenever i hear that name i think of the spoof dave chapelle did on him. oh come on back, chapelle!

    hope your m,t,w pass quickly. and mine, too! :)

  3. sooooo feel ya lady. i want this week to POOF, be gone already!!! gawwwd.

    yay for r.kelly. totally love the perv. sorry i can't help it. his music is my soundtrack. feelin on your boo-oo-teee!!! haha.

    have a fabulous day/week and all that good stuff.

  4. Aw I like today 'cause it's my burfday, but I hope the rest of the week is a lot better for you and goes by like *SNAP* ... that.

    'Til then, this is the remix to 'Ignition', hot & fresh out da kitchen! ... that used to be my jam back in the day. Can't wait to hear about your move!

  5. man, this was my JAMM back in middle school ;)

  6. oh gosh... monday can get lost. thanks. how rude right? i wans't done relaxing either. haha! and wait.. holdup... rkelly's gay? im sure i probably heard about this years ago but mehh... and whats this.. are you moving?

  7. Monday's suck! I thought today was saturday.. LOL almost didn't go to school :) The bummer life is the way to go, if only you could make money off of it! ^_^

  8. Totally jamming to this song now - classic :)

  9. send the warm air from the southwest to Massachusetts!

  10. Ughhhhh I feel you girl! Hopefully tomorrow will be better for ALL OF US!

  11. Boo hiss to Monday! I feel like thuggin' it out.

  12. Hahaha, I'm so with ya on not feeling the Mondays. Or Tuesdays. Or Wednesdays. Thursdays are okay but only because they are my Fridays! Phew, that was a mouthful eh? Also loving the R. Kelly song, I totally remember jamming out to this with my friends back in the day.

  13. "ohai monday, can you pls do me a favor and get lost while taking tuesday & wednesday with you?? kthanks."

    Hahah, that's awesome. <3

  14. ok first of all... im at work, at my desk..when your page pops open i die laughing because all i see is your face and your giant eyeball! lol thanks for making me laugh so early :) ok then second..anytime i listen to this song it puts me in a good mood. its my instant go to song! cant wait to hear about this move coming up! xoxo :)

  15. First, thank you, thank you and um, thank you. You got my heart, girly.

    Get lost? Um, my week is flying! I can't believe it's Wednesday tomorrow! Sorry, don't hate me now.

  16. Ahhh yes... those were the good ol' pre-pedo days of R. Kelly... sigh. I must say, I could do with the weekend right about now as well. This week seems to be dragging on (and summer has now left Europe... how depressing).


get it done lovelies! :)