Tuesday, June 30, 2009

need halp from my Canadian friends!

hello friends!

so to keep this short and sweet - can anybody
recommend a nice area/hotel to stay in
for just a weekend in Canada
me and mike are planning to road trip it up north
for his birthday, preferably in Montreal, from July 24-26.
and since i know a lot of you are from Canada,
do you have any suggestions for me?? -
i really, reeeeeally appreciate it loves! :D

also i really want a maple leaf hat when im up there!
i know i know, im an embarrassing tourist :P

Monday, June 29, 2009

weekend update!

so this weekend was a continuation of me and mike's 4yr :D

Saturday = beach day! although overcast it was a super fun time, esp. considering we took a major detour from the original beach we wanted to go to (Hampton) and ended up at a rockin' Sea(do) & Surf Festival (Salisbury).

and here's 2 separate collages of mike and i being goofballs per usual :)

on the way home we saw some amazing clouds that reminded me of the Pixar short they showed right before "Up!" - called "Partly Cloudy" (i highly recommend seeing both, btw!)

then that night we went to a comedy performance by 2 of my faves: Eugene Mirman & Kristen Schaal! who most people recognize thanks to "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO (i highly recommend watching that show as well!) it was so cool too, because after the show me and mike went out for drinks and the two of them + family/friends ended up sitting directly across from us! i was too shy/didnt want to bother them, so sadly no paparazzi shots :P
but here they are anyways, in all their glory hehe:

Eugene! (boston local, loves it)

Kristen! (who is waaaay too cute in person!)

a fabulous weekend indeed :) hoping the same for all of you!

hey ma, ive finally made it!

hahaha, i made it onto the asainposes.com website!! :D

link here.

now i can brag about what a cheeky FOB i am, ehehe :P

Friday, June 26, 2009

happy anniversary bb!

as promised, a (picture heavy!) recap post about my wonderrrfullll day/night spent with my amazing boyf of 4 years. *sappiness follows*

started the day out at the lake on what turned out to be a beautifully sun shiny day. played velcro ball! (is there a real name for this toy...? ah well, i like calling it 'velcro ball' hehe)

us at the lake/park :)

proceeded to a late night dinner extravaganza @ Exchange St. Bistro, sooo yummi :d - oh and just excuse our awkward facial expressions, this was after our giant (and delicious!) martinis...

then my after hours photoshoot, haha im so lame......but i just got a new camera, so ill use that as an excuse to cover up my lameness :P
my outfit for dinner date night

with bag

bag closeup

shoes closeup

my present from mike! i loooove this watch, and now my burberry watch (also given to me thanks to mikeycakes, circa my 21st bday) has a friend :D

"i am the big cheese!" and oh how cheesy i am...!
"oh hai"

drinks + my babycakes + new camera = sooo happy/sooo cheesin'

anddd calling it a night finally!

wow im so self-centered! i wish i had more pics of mike but he's camera shy, silly boy. this weekend i think ill take many a sneak attack pics of him, esp. now that i have a new camera and all :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh happy day! (or week, rather!)

*warning* sappy post time!

so this thursday is me & mike's 4yr anniversary (YAAAY!!) and im sooooper excited :D and although i could go on and on about our time together and how much our love has grown throughout these amazing years, id rather not blabber out our entire life story in one blog post! that's just a whole 'nother blog in its own. rather, since im a very visual person, i have decided to post a few specific pictures of mikeycakes (aka mr. cakes) & i (his josiebean) depicting each year of our lives together :)

right about when we first met; sitting at one of our favorite spots - the dock at Salem Willows:

1 year in; whale watching by the Aquarium/Seaport:

2 year anniversary; dinner at Cheesecake Fact:
snuggle time after the anniversary dinner! where mike decided to wrap me up like a 'peapod' haha :)

3 year
anniversary; a gorgeous night, outside by the fountains after dinner at the Top of the Hub in the Pru - which is the closed off, tippy top floor, with a (expen$ive) spectacular view of nearly all of Boston:

*sigh, i love looking back on us and knowing how much we've shared, and that every day together is just as magical as the first time we met. i honestly could not be happier :)
anyhoodles, this year for our anniversary we're gonna keep it pretty chill. beach if it's nice enough out (pleeeease mother nature, i am begging you!) and then Exchange St. Bistro for some fine dine and wine mmmm. and of course i plan to take more pictures :D

have a loverly day, my loverly bloggers! <3

Monday, June 22, 2009

typical weekend update :)

hey guys! happy monday & i hope you all had a great father's day :) my weekend started off kinda poopy, getting sick and having it rain nonstop, but besides that it was decent and laid back. bbq at my sister's house with my nephew and 2 nieces :D yesterday where at least the rain provided me with the perfect opp to wear my straw fedora (sry it's blurry, my camera finally broke for good and im using my iphone for now):

and then completing my "asain pose" collage! hehe.

hope you guys arent stuck with overcast weather conditions like me and are enjoying some real sun and summer weather!! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

new sandalsss

eep, lack of posts due to wavering internets problems and now me getting sick! :[ i blame it on global warming which has been causing this constant and endless rain (i hate how people think global warming is all about an overbearing sun and temps always being 90degrees+, when really it means more extreme weather patterns in general, esp. in terms of precipitation).

anyways, this is my exciting latest purchase (Kimichi Blue sandals from UO):

i was actually hesisitant on buying these at first, but after reading the reviews and the amazing sale they are on, i just couldnt resist! i hate waiting for mail to ship though, im very impatient :P i just hope they look as nice in person and fit well, too!

any exciting purchases/sale deals you guys have stumbled upon lately? im always down for style saving tips! :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hilarious link time!

so my friend posted a link comment on my facebook page
to poke fun at the excessive amount of self photos i take..
actually his exact quote was,
"i found this website and thought of your camera-whore personality :)" haha.

see: http://asianposes.com/pose-challenge

check that out for some laughs (if you havent already guessed, it's a silly mock site about stereotypical "asian poses") - the collage post/challenge says it all:

just for kicks (and shameless self promotion), i may have to try and photograph as many poses as i can to get on their site! :]

Monday, June 15, 2009

weekend updates :)

good monday morning! so i havent been doing weekend posts because i have no internet/barely any time to, but alas it's back to work and back to blogging per usual :) also, monday posts are picture heavy precisely for the fact that it's essentially a collective friday/saturday/sunday update. so brace yourself! haha jk.

saturday = small festival across from the lake on a gorgeous day :)

then mike sneaked in this last pic (below) at dinner hehe

then sunday this is what i wore yesterday to cheer myself up against the rainy day bloos:

also me and mike found a new buddy that likes to hang out in the backyard every now and then:

ok so that's not exactly him (thanks, internet, for the pic!), but we did find our own white squirrel who looked exactly like that one, but neither of us had a camera handy, darn! still, we're pretty sure he's been camping out our backyard so hopefully i can sneak a quick photo before he runs away next time. it was so cool, ive seen black squirrels before but never white..i wonder how he keeps his fur so clean??

hope you all had a fab weekend as well! <3

Friday, June 12, 2009


Yay! TGIF and I got tagged by the wonderful Kym! wahooo :D

The Honest Scrap Award:
First, tell your readers 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Second, tag 10 people with the award (im just going to tag everyone for kicks, and because i looove learning about new people)!

1) I am probably the most oblivious person you could ever meet, and this has been proven during so many different adventures with the boyf - i.e. not noticing a demolished car with broken glass everywhere within steps from me; mike telling me to look at a stranger's abnormally large legs and me needing to point directly at the man while saying (rather loudly) "who HIM??"; etc....
2) I have ridiculously thick hair that always gets commented on while getting it cut, but while many people crave voluminous locks i cant stand it!
3) I dont like wearing jeans or socks, not because they dont look good but id always rather be wearing a sun dress and sandals/flip flops.
4) Im always the one who likes to "overdress" for whatever occassion. i guess im a dress to impress at all times kind of girl, like whenever going out for a dinner date with girlfriends im always clad in flowing garments and jewlery while theyre in jeans and a simple top :P
5) I have lived in boston all my life and cannot wait to move as i finish college (1 more year!) - i want to live where the sun actually stays out for most of the year, preferably by the beach in San Diego.
6) I've always been a water baby/beach bum. when i was little id always be the first to jump right in the pool/ocean, and then stay there until my fingers were beyond raisins.
7) I went skydiving when i was 18 for my boyf's 21st bday and had to lie to my strict asian mother so that she wouldnt FLIP OUT. and she still doesnt know to this day hahah, oh i love you muma dearest<3
8) I love risk taking/risk takers - big or small. one of the easiest and smallest risks that im fond of is being open/up for trying as many crazy cuisines as i can (as long as its not one of those "delicacy" dishes that is potentially and dangerously fatal, im not stupid crazy!)
9) Besides my regular job on my college campus, i intern one day a week as a marketing assistant in a very small architecture firm and i could not be happier being exposed to so many gorgeous building structures.
10) I've come to love blogging more than i even expected, and that's 99% thanks to all of the amazing bloggers who comment and post such insipiring/interesting/entertaining/artistic/creative pieces. thank you guys so much for being AWESOME!

Photo Tag!

[1] open your first photo folder
[2] now scroll to the tenth photo
[3] post that photo and story on your blog

hahah omgosh im so glad that over the thousands of photos i have stored, it ended up being this one :) this pic was in my "20th birthday" folder when mike (my boyf of almost 4 years now!) was, naturally, so wonderful and took me to VT for a weekend of snowboarding! i had only been once before and he had never, but we always wanted to take lessons together and this was the most perfect opportunity. we stayed at this fabulous hotel in Stratton with a heated outdoor pool+hot tub (hot tubbing outdoors + snow mountains everywhere in the distance = incredible), and then cozied in our bed each night across from an amazing fireplace. our first night alone we did everything i love about winter - made smores, drank cold ale, ate crepes, had a snowball fight, and watched christmas movies whilest sipping hot coco with mini mallows. VT is seriously such an amazing site with its protected green/natural environment, i def recommend visiting!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

told ya so!

so by funny coincidence, i looked at my cuteoverload mini-calendar today and found proof of my last post!

^someone else walking their adorb bunny on a leash AND a homemade knit sweater. ahaha, love.

^closeup of some silly text :)