Tuesday, June 30, 2009

need halp from my Canadian friends!

hello friends!

so to keep this short and sweet - can anybody
recommend a nice area/hotel to stay in
for just a weekend in Canada
me and mike are planning to road trip it up north
for his birthday, preferably in Montreal, from July 24-26.
and since i know a lot of you are from Canada,
do you have any suggestions for me?? -
i really, reeeeeally appreciate it loves! :D

also i really want a maple leaf hat when im up there!
i know i know, im an embarrassing tourist :P


  1. i'm canadian but i can't help you... i live on the opposite end of montreal... haha! sorry josiebeannnz but you'll find your maple leaf hat and it's not embarassing.. that's like me going to the states and insisting i take a pictuer with an american flag in the background. hahaha!

    you might wanna check out this website though, it'll give you hotels to stay at, places to see, restaurants to go to, etc..


  2. a trip to montreal! how fun! i have never been, but hope that someone gives you some good tips!

  3. I went to montreal a few times cuz it's super cheap to go from here in Ottawa. Stay near St. Catherine's street in Montreal cuz that's where all the night clubs and shopping is at!

  4. Okay so I'm guilty as another Canadian reader :)

    If you're in Montreal and looking for a nice area, definitely stay in Old Montreal at somewhere like Auberge du Vieux Port. Or the Hilton closer to downtown is awesome if you guys are looking to go out more. Plus is has a rooftop pool...!

    I hope that helps :) otherwise...I'm from Ottawa so I could always make some suggestions for you here!

  5. I want to travel the world one dayyyy :)

    my hair curled the other day surprisingly! I didn't even use protection (yes I know it's bad!) lol xD

  6. Ahhhh!!! That hat is soooo great! My Canadian husband is gonna love this picture when I show it to him!

    You have a great blog! We NEED to exchange links! :)


  7. I've always wanted to go to Montreal! Lucky! XO

  8. Ahh, I've only ever driven through Montreal (I stayed in Quebec City myself) and I think that's an amazing trip! :) I know when my sister went, they stayed at the W Hotel (http://www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=1471) but it's lowest price for your dates is $296. I hope you find something good! :)

  9. Don't know where to go in Canada, but my friend has one of those hats and I always wear it!!!!

  10. Alright... here is your one stop shop for the best places in montreal (I am a true Montrealer) and know all the good places...

    alright... here are my recommendations:

    Pricey but oh-so-worth-it:

    St. James Hotel (old port - this hotel features real antiques dating from every time period... Madonna, Rolling Stones and other hot shots stay here in the penthouse suite... I got to visit ;)

    Hotel Nelligan (old port - beautiful rooftop terasse and an amazing restaurant "Versus" in the lobby - logged with locals who know good food... this is where all the Grand Prix drivers used to stay when we had Grand Prix *tear*)

    W Hotel (in between old port and downtown - great party just downstairs, or chillax at the lounge in a modern/contemporary scene with the most perfectly blended martinis ooozing style and sophistication - try the "a la rose martini" - served with an orchid in your glass)

    Ritz!!! (downtown near all the posh shopping - a classic... don't forget to join them for tea time! When you are done, visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts just steps away! Ohh, and Holt Renfrew is a block away... dangerous...)

    Beautiful and reasonable:

    Queen Elizabeth Hotel (home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's infamous Montreal "bed in" back in the seventies... you can actually rent out that room too ;) Brunch on Sunday at their in house restaurant is ultra luxe and features live harpists!!!

    Hotel Place d'Armes (in the old port - has a beautiful rooftop terrasse and home to the cities most killer raspberry mojitos...)

    Oh, and whatever you do... DON'T party on lame-o crescent street (seriously you will regret it...) The real parties are all in the old port/st. laurent! Buonanotte is a siiiiick party (just make sure you get there early or you won't get in on a fri or sat night... the doorman is rough...), and Go-Go lounge is a sixties inspired club/lounge that makes amazing martinis where you can boogie the night away ;)

    e-mail me if you need any more info! fashionista514@gmail.com

    I would be happy to recommend more!!!

  11. oh, and P.S... let me know when you are coming in! I would love to meet a fellow bloggie over coffee :)

  12. ooh a birthday trip to Canada! how fun! my husband is canadian.. but not from montreal..

    happy belated canada day!

  13. oh im sorry that i know nth about Canada;(
    but i think you'll have a great time there!;D


  14. Never been :( Sad too, because i live near the border. {LOL} I hear it's quite beautiful though. Enjoy your trip girlie!

  15. ooh canada, automatically makes me think of degrassi
    i hear ppl walk beavers out there, like as pets..
    please take a pic if this is found to be tru
    have fuuun

  16. you won you won you won!!!! heehehehe! email me your mailing address at kbanguis@gmail.com :) yay!


get it done lovelies! :)