Monday, June 22, 2009

typical weekend update :)

hey guys! happy monday & i hope you all had a great father's day :) my weekend started off kinda poopy, getting sick and having it rain nonstop, but besides that it was decent and laid back. bbq at my sister's house with my nephew and 2 nieces :D yesterday where at least the rain provided me with the perfect opp to wear my straw fedora (sry it's blurry, my camera finally broke for good and im using my iphone for now):

and then completing my "asain pose" collage! hehe.

hope you guys arent stuck with overcast weather conditions like me and are enjoying some real sun and summer weather!! :)


  1. Great fedora! That style of hat is all the rage in the city right now...I'm trying to think if I ever wore one, I think I did but some girl totally snagged it (grrr).

  2. it's great to have a bbq party with your family!! :) it's comforting. LOL.. and i like ur outfit!!


  3. Ahh, awesome outfit and fedora! You pull it off well, and now I'm craving a BBQ haha :)

    And I love the challenge, especially the picture of you poking your cheek, I always see that one being done!

  4. I LOVE YOUR FEDORA!! and you look fab in it!!!

  5. ooh, i need your hat - so cute!!

  6. Haha, you're photo collage is so cute!

  7. Ah, love the blazer hat combo! Thanks for posting more Asian poses by the way. I especially love the use of your hands to make signs ;-)

  8. I love your hat!
    Thank you for your comment, I use just a small Sony, it's nothing special. It's like a Cyber-Shot one, I don't have my camera on me at the moment so I'm not sure what model, sorry! It's an old model too, there's newer ones now :(

  9. Geez, i want that hat!
    i've answered your question in my new blog post! check it out!
    thanks for your comment. your blog is really nice

  10. cute hat! And I'm loving your asian pose college!! hahaha you look so happy in them!

  11. Such a cute outfit, you pretty thing! xx


get it done lovelies! :)