Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sum weekend updates :)

oh yeah! i forgot to mention that i took roland out for a walk this weekend (when it was nice out, like every weekend, while as today and the rest of the week until friday it is full of gloom and rain). anyways, here's a picture of the chubby lumpkins :D

after about 5mins of few sporadic sprints back and forth, roland quickly got tired and decided to take a rest.

i love when he lays down with his feeties out like that! :) yes, he's just like his muma when it comes to being a lazy sunbum<3

and yes, as awkward as it may seem to take a bunny rabbit out for walks, people do do it. it is rather silly though, because unless your bunny is well trained, they wont really follow a direct path and i wouldnt suggest street walks. i havent strictly trained roland at all, i just like to let him roam in my back yard. maybe a carrot trail would help....hmm. also, im thinking about bringing him to the park/lake more since there is a lot more free grass space. it's just that bunnies do poop a lot, so ill have to keep watch of his every move.

regardless, ill keep you updated on if i take roland to the park/lake in the near future :) and ill leave you with a few more pics from this past weekend where i took my boyf out (without a leash, heh heh) to one of our fave spots:


  1. I looove the idea of taking your rabbit out for a walk. I wonder if I can do that to my kitten! hmmm. (:

  2. people seriously take their rabbits out for walks eh? does it get crazy when you come across someone walking their dog? hahaha! ;P and wow... your "spot" looks beautiful!!

  3. I can't believe you took your bunny for a walk!! that is too funny and I love the pictures :)

  4. I love the bunny pictures.
    Maybe I'll bust out some pictures of my little Nenne soon and Roland can see his twin.


  5. awwwww way too cute! I used to have a bunny, but he humped everything that moved and wasn't very cute after awhile :S

  6. When I lived in Ireland, there was a woman who had a giant white rabbit and she walked it all over Dublin. She also dressed like Mary Poppins meets Versace to boot.

    I used to have a bunny. His name was Woody Woodchips. He lived to be about 15 years old which is pretty ridiculous for a rabbit. Whenever he'd "run," his back left leg would kick out in this really odd manner. I really loved him. We'd let him run around the house a lot and in the backyard (even though there are wild rabbits in my town) and he'd dig holes and hide all over the place. He was an awesome pet.

    Thanks for the memories.

  7. Awww so cute! Both you and your boyfriend and your rabbit.

  8. i've always wanted a bunny!! yours is so adorable!

  9. the bunny is ADORABLE! i want her=(


get it done lovelies! :)