Monday, April 26, 2010

birthday extravaganza

So, as assumed, there were TONS of pictures taken for Hillary's epic birthday weekend at Saint. Apparently Amanda turns into a big picture-taking whore when you give her a camera and a couple of dranks, so goodness bless her soul ♥

old & new favorite girlies :)

loooves her!

check out that junk behind me...that's an eyefull

this is like a cute family portrait...a family of deranged people.
wouldn't have it any other way :)

closing the night, look how happy the birthday girl is :)

Another epic night for the books, and boy are they needed and may I even say deserved after all the hard work I've done for finals week month. Hope all you lovely ladies enjoyed your weekends as well, however you may have spent it :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Marathon Monday Maddness (late edition)

A happy Friday to all you lovey ladies! But, this here's gonna be a Monday recap (hey, there's only less than 5 days left in my entire undergrad career, so this lady's hustlin' & bustlin'). So for those of you who share my same residence of Boston, MA, you may recall that last Monday was a little well known holiday some like to refer to as Patriot's Day, while others like to call it "Marathon Monday" to acknowledge the Boston marathon and, uhm 8am-5pm public benders. It's like giving back to one another - runners power out 25miles while fans drunkenly cheer you on the whole way. Mmhmm, it's definitely a good time. Even street vendors sell special shirts for the holiday that read "Marathon Monday - it's better than Christmas!" I'll let pictures do the talking from this point on:

VIP JetBlue sponsored party @ Vox Populi (thanks old job!)

free wine & beers at 9am...starting off strong!

my face progressively gets redder

hahah so many kisses from this girl by the end of the day, loves her!

oh hey, we caught up with more friends

oh hey, girl in cart!
(just wanna point out that I know none of these girls,
I just thought they were hilarious and had to document their holiday skills)

Best. Day. Ever. At least one of the tops this year so far. It's one of the few times I can truthfully say I love this damn city, no matter how broken down it is (the alcohol encouraged occasions help).

And now it's the weekend again! Oh how time flies. I'll be hanging out with these lovely ladies again for Hillary's birthday, so further pic-spam will hopefully be provided for next week. Stay tuned for funness, and everybody enjoy your weekends! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

CupcakeCamp Boston!

Ok, so for anyone who follows me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you know I've been really excited about this one little thing called CupcakeCamp Boston. Well, it was last night and it. was. awesome! I can't even describe the storm of cupcake goodness/mayhem, so I will do what I do best and document my evening with pictures:

(photo thanks to @BostonTweet)
this was the line of like 300+ people waiting to get in,
luckily I registered early & got immediate access :)

people were encouraged to bring their own cupcakes to support the event, so this was my batch: red velvet cupcakes with 1 row of just cream cheese frosting, 1 row w/sprinkles,
& 1 row w/chocolate chips and/or peanut butter chips

everyone was taking their empty trays and filling them w/cupcakes to take home, so I picked out all of my favorites only to have the bouncers deny us all! haha. guess the lesson is that you should ask first before following the trend.
I ended up taking one bite out of each one before having to throw them away, what a waste :(

and so starts the documentation of me being a fatty, up close & personal!

guess what I'm picking off of my cupcake here...

if you guessed "a huge chocolate covered bacon strip" then you are correct my friend!
and hell yes I am excited about it :)

there is nothing that screams fattymess slob more than this pic.
cupcake residue all over my hands. I am truly an 8 year old child...

saving the best for last (technically this was the last cupcake I saw before heading out, but boy was it a sign of amazingness).
mini choco cupcake topped with a plain bacon strip. awesome.

And that, my friends, is just a portion of my recap on CupcakeCamp. Simply put, it was most definitely one of the greatest things that's ever come to this city. I'm just happy I wore a dress to this thing and avoided busting out of my pants. If you want a more professional look/a list of all the local bakeries who provided all the glory of this free event, check out the official blog & an incredible Flickr reel both by the wonderful creator of the event itself, Elizabeth Ginsburg (isn't she adorable?!).

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, full of delicious eats & treats! :d

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

feet around the world project, take #1

happy feet day!
(actually taken last thursday when the sun was beaming after 4 consecutive days
of rain & gloom. a reward for my bare toes indeed!)

coral toesies + h&m kids gold flats (i really am a 12 year old child)

mike preferred bare legs over feeties this day

reach for the sky, wave them feets up high!

Post inspired by this lovely lady :)
Lazy days by the lake just blocks from Mike's house are certainly one of my favorite things to look forward to for all of spring/summer. Hope the sun is shining bright for all your Tuesdays as well!

Oh, and for those of you who asked about my watermelon nails in my last post
, there's not really much to it other than this:

1) paint a regular pink coat onto your nails first, then wait to dry
2) make sure you have a dark enough green for the tips, you'll still probably have to do a double coating
3) once the pink and green are dried, draw on "seeds" with an ordinary permanent marker
4) finish it all off with a heavy top coat

And voila! haha, sorry if that doesn't help too much, but I'm not a fan of overly complex work anyways. Experimenting with funky nails just makes me happy so I don't mind putting in the extra "work," but if you still feel like you can't do this on your own but want this for your own nails - just ask your local nail salon to do it for you! Voila #2 :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

juicy nails!

TGIF ladies! and thank goodness for that. Oh and for those that asked, Hot Tub Time Machine was awesome!! Just so long as you have the most juvenile sense of humor, that is, you should find this movie pretty damn funny. Also, I went to go see it with my 3 friends and since then there have been so many hilarious quotes that I've been wanting to say all day to my boyf, but he just won't get it haha. Also a reason why I will abstain from quoting the movie in my blog, even though I really want to! :P

Anyways, this here post is meant to show off my new watermelon nails! They're really 5th grade, but like I care? Also it may look like I have too much time on my hands, but I painted these babies at 3am instead of sleeping. Gotta have pretty paws.

Sally Hansen has been around forever & I find that the cheapest kinds actually work the best
also please disregard my horrible cuticles...eek

i has a seeeecret...

The seeeecret is...I've been thinking about doing a giveaway for a while now, but haven't really been sure about what to give away/how to do it (contest or random?). Now that it's getting closer to my final days of being an undergrad (ugh. extremely excited but also scared! ngl), I have to clean out all my closets and start looking for new places to live come the very beginning of May. That's only a month away people! Also, I have a lot of shit barely touched stuff I really need to get rid of. I usually donate all my unwanted items (I actually have a huge trashbag filled to the brim with clothes I am donating this weekend, but there's still more where that came from!), but for my little treasures I have but simply have no space for I want to give them to my faithful followers. After all, you've all been so extremely kind throughout my entire blogging time. Even after I fell off the face of the blogger world for 3 months, you were still there when I came back to listen to my random posts! Love you guys for that, and I mean that for real.

So, any suggestions on what would make the ideal giveaway? I open to options, but definitely the more creative/wacky the better, so bring 'em on :)

Until then, have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the colors of springtime!

So to those I just made very hungry through my last post, I'm sorry :P but I most definitely would have RSVP'd all of you to share in that ridiculous meal :)

Anyhows, other than free delicious eats (and free anything, really), there's really nothing much that I love more than bold colors to give you an uplifting spirit to guide you towards an oh-happy-day. This week has provided so much sunshine & good weather that I followed its message & wore my comfiest, vibrant, red-orange ruffle tube dress with gold flippy floppies. I even fell into a joyous fit over my mom's new bouquet of flowers, & I don't even like flowers at all, but these little budding buddies perked me right up.

super cute floral arrangements courtesy of my muma

super cheesy poses courtesy of my super tooly self

If I had the income to buy you all flowers I of couuuurse would ;) For now all I can do is hope the weather stays consistently good for my own sake & for the rest of you!

Also, I'm off to see Hot Tub Time Machine tonight...hope it's good! John Cusack needs a solid film to put his fine ass (old ass now, but I don't care. you're still one of my favorites/always in my heart Johnny Cutesack!) back on the charts.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Serious Good Eats

So this past Easter weekend was super busy with fun in the sun activities that I am still catching up on posting the pictures! Anyhows, this set is probably my absolute favorite, because I was lucky enough to be one of the first 100 people to make a reservation for a FREE lunch at the oh so swanky, even more delicious than you could imagine, Turner Fisheries in Boston. I took my friend Amanda along as a belated bday present, and we were just expecting a free entre and maybe a dessert. WRONG. We got the works. As in, when we asked what exactly on the menu was free the waiter literally said to us "everything." The promotion was to get potential fans to try literally as many items on the menu as possible, hoping that in the end when we got our comment cards that we would honestly say that every dish was fabulous. Oh, it was. And I am definitely spreading the most positive word of mouth.

Here's just a few of the items we ordered during what turned out to be a 12 course meal:

starting off with oysters
(I've only had them doused in black bean sauce & Amanda had never even tried them before,
so we were a little scared but they we surprisingly tasty)

descriptive list of our oyster plate, fancy pantsy

the most jumbo of jumbo shrimp cocktail.
(Amanda told me to place my lemon wedge from my iced tea beside it to get the huge effect.
this baby tasted like steak, it was so meaty good!

haha I am mid-sentence & in absolute wow over this dip

no lie, Amanda & I were raving about that dip for days later.

yes, we did order every dessert item on the menu :)
mini molten chocolate lava cake, creme brulee,
rhubarb pie, & a mango sorbet sort-of cake w/caramelized pineapples

can I just point out that there is a bite taken out of each dish? haha.
I couldn't wait, I had to sneak a taste before I could manage to compose myself for a pic

Happiest tummies after that lunchtime extravaganza, and those aren't even all the pics! I'd be so excited for every new dish that came out that I would scarf it down before I had time to remember to take a pic. And really, all the pics I just posted don't even do the restaurant justice. It's location is perfect, we sat right next to the open window on a gorgeously sunny day, and spent literally 3 hours there total. We had to walk up and down Newbury Street to work off just that dip alone, haha. But in complete honesty, there was nothing off that menu that I wouldn't recommend. Extremely wonderful service as well. Thinking about coming back there for my graduation dinner. Thinking about ordering about 10 cases of that dip to take home! As a side note I've been stalking the restaurant's Facebook fan page/Twitter for more excuses to come back.

What's your favorite restaurant/restaurant dining story?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter recap

Below is a recap of my Easter feaster. Included are a sad and always tooly attempt to capture my pale pink Easter dress, flowers bloomin' in my front yard, my niece's chalk artwork, sushi din-din with 2 of my favorite hometown girls, bunny bling x2 (one is a ring pop, delicious & cute), and even more tooly close-ups of me celebrating big J's resurrection!

And there you have it. I was so happy it was another 70+ degrees out, but unfortunately most of my day was spent indoors working on group projects for school (gaaaag). Hope you all had a wonderful day!