Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter recap

Below is a recap of my Easter feaster. Included are a sad and always tooly attempt to capture my pale pink Easter dress, flowers bloomin' in my front yard, my niece's chalk artwork, sushi din-din with 2 of my favorite hometown girls, bunny bling x2 (one is a ring pop, delicious & cute), and even more tooly close-ups of me celebrating big J's resurrection!

And there you have it. I was so happy it was another 70+ degrees out, but unfortunately most of my day was spent indoors working on group projects for school (gaaaag). Hope you all had a wonderful day!


  1. You are sooo cute!I was so happy with the weather was gorgeous!

  2. you look fab! and it looks like your easter was so much fun.

    and why is it FREEEEEEZING today?!? bleh! monday monday.

  3. JOSIE!!! you look BEAUTIFUL!! I love your dress...your nails...your ring...your hair is sooooo fabulous and I could eat sushi for the rest of my life and be 100% happy everyday LOL ;)

  4. You are SO stunning, love your dress and I love our similar flowers haha :) Nice touch with the bunny rings, too. Hope you had a great Easter lady!

  5. i have that nail polish! well one similar and i love it!

    happy easter to you doll. you look FABULOUS!

  6. Adorable~ love the rings & rad blue nails!!
    Sushi makes me so GAY~ happy!!

  7. love the blue nails and the dress in your first pic! Mmm sushi I can never get tired of eating sushi...

  8. is that the sally hansen electric blue?

    love the bunny pop. x


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