Thursday, April 8, 2010

the colors of springtime!

So to those I just made very hungry through my last post, I'm sorry :P but I most definitely would have RSVP'd all of you to share in that ridiculous meal :)

Anyhows, other than free delicious eats (and free anything, really), there's really nothing much that I love more than bold colors to give you an uplifting spirit to guide you towards an oh-happy-day. This week has provided so much sunshine & good weather that I followed its message & wore my comfiest, vibrant, red-orange ruffle tube dress with gold flippy floppies. I even fell into a joyous fit over my mom's new bouquet of flowers, & I don't even like flowers at all, but these little budding buddies perked me right up.

super cute floral arrangements courtesy of my muma

super cheesy poses courtesy of my super tooly self

If I had the income to buy you all flowers I of couuuurse would ;) For now all I can do is hope the weather stays consistently good for my own sake & for the rest of you!

Also, I'm off to see Hot Tub Time Machine tonight...hope it's good! John Cusack needs a solid film to put his fine ass (old ass now, but I don't care. you're still one of my favorites/always in my heart Johnny Cutesack!) back on the charts.


  1. Love those flowers. They had some like that at our local shop and I really wanted to buy some. Bright colors are the best! Enjoy the movie :)

  2. You look amazing in that dress! That color looks great on you. And those flowers ARE beautiful! I don't like flowers that much either. I don't like that they die so fast :(

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  3. love that dress on you beans and all the pops of color everywhere! lemme know how the hot tub movie is... i feel like its one of those lame stupid funny movies but i could be wrong! haha! ;P

  4. You look just gorgeous lady. I have a dress very similar to that...It's my summer lovin' dress!

  5. love the flowers! and your bangs look great on you!


get it done lovelies! :)