Tuesday, April 13, 2010

feet around the world project, take #1

happy feet day!
(actually taken last thursday when the sun was beaming after 4 consecutive days
of rain & gloom. a reward for my bare toes indeed!)

coral toesies + h&m kids gold flats (i really am a 12 year old child)

mike preferred bare legs over feeties this day

reach for the sky, wave them feets up high!

Post inspired by this lovely lady :)
Lazy days by the lake just blocks from Mike's house are certainly one of my favorite things to look forward to for all of spring/summer. Hope the sun is shining bright for all your Tuesdays as well!

Oh, and for those of you who asked about my watermelon nails in my last post
, there's not really much to it other than this:

1) paint a regular pink coat onto your nails first, then wait to dry
2) make sure you have a dark enough green for the tips, you'll still probably have to do a double coating
3) once the pink and green are dried, draw on "seeds" with an ordinary permanent marker
4) finish it all off with a heavy top coat

And voila! haha, sorry if that doesn't help too much, but I'm not a fan of overly complex work anyways. Experimenting with funky nails just makes me happy so I don't mind putting in the extra "work," but if you still feel like you can't do this on your own but want this for your own nails - just ask your local nail salon to do it for you! Voila #2 :)


  1. haha you are amazing!! i actually just did my feet post if you want to add your link!! love u lady thanks for always makign me smile:)

  2. Lovin' the tootsies in the air!

  3. just realized you're from boston!

  4. Ha, We LOVE the feet around the world project so fun! Thanks so much for stopping by The DC Ladies and following the Bon Bon Girls ova... We love meeting new friends and hope you will follow along, we write about fashionistas on Thursdays and all things beauty on Mondays so hope you will enjoy! ps we love the photo of you and your flowers from your mum, beautiful eyes!
    Shelley and Sarah :)

  5. It sounds so easy when you say it... But I will try the watermelon polish!

  6. look at those happy feet! fab!!!!

    i was thinking of doing some toe shots sooner or later, after mani-pedi (!!!!), and perhaps with some new shoes. humph. i know that is useless information. i am hopped up on ice tea and babbling like mad today. sorry!

  7. i have to admit...i'm not a fan of feet. especially man feet. lol.

    but at least you all have happy feet.

  8. sounds neat! and I'm not an overly complex person as well. I agree that asian hair is difficult to curl. even when I curl it itgoes back to straight in a few hours or it looses its curlyness!

  9. Yay, thanks for the watermelon nail pointers :) I wasn't sure if the black 'seeds' were another nail polish or something else. And I'm loving your feet ... that sounds very fetish-like, but I swear, I'm just appreciating the way you're waving your feet in the air like you just don't care ;)

    And we need to make a list of awesome quotes from "Hot Tub Time Machine", there's too many :)

  10. thanks for the tips- im trying nails like that asap! these pictures are too cute girl..


get it done lovelies! :)