Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Serious Good Eats

So this past Easter weekend was super busy with fun in the sun activities that I am still catching up on posting the pictures! Anyhows, this set is probably my absolute favorite, because I was lucky enough to be one of the first 100 people to make a reservation for a FREE lunch at the oh so swanky, even more delicious than you could imagine, Turner Fisheries in Boston. I took my friend Amanda along as a belated bday present, and we were just expecting a free entre and maybe a dessert. WRONG. We got the works. As in, when we asked what exactly on the menu was free the waiter literally said to us "everything." The promotion was to get potential fans to try literally as many items on the menu as possible, hoping that in the end when we got our comment cards that we would honestly say that every dish was fabulous. Oh, it was. And I am definitely spreading the most positive word of mouth.

Here's just a few of the items we ordered during what turned out to be a 12 course meal:

starting off with oysters
(I've only had them doused in black bean sauce & Amanda had never even tried them before,
so we were a little scared but they we surprisingly tasty)

descriptive list of our oyster plate, fancy pantsy

the most jumbo of jumbo shrimp cocktail.
(Amanda told me to place my lemon wedge from my iced tea beside it to get the huge effect.
this baby tasted like steak, it was so meaty good!

haha I am mid-sentence & in absolute wow over this dip

no lie, Amanda & I were raving about that dip for days later.

yes, we did order every dessert item on the menu :)
mini molten chocolate lava cake, creme brulee,
rhubarb pie, & a mango sorbet sort-of cake w/caramelized pineapples

can I just point out that there is a bite taken out of each dish? haha.
I couldn't wait, I had to sneak a taste before I could manage to compose myself for a pic

Happiest tummies after that lunchtime extravaganza, and those aren't even all the pics! I'd be so excited for every new dish that came out that I would scarf it down before I had time to remember to take a pic. And really, all the pics I just posted don't even do the restaurant justice. It's location is perfect, we sat right next to the open window on a gorgeously sunny day, and spent literally 3 hours there total. We had to walk up and down Newbury Street to work off just that dip alone, haha. But in complete honesty, there was nothing off that menu that I wouldn't recommend. Extremely wonderful service as well. Thinking about coming back there for my graduation dinner. Thinking about ordering about 10 cases of that dip to take home! As a side note I've been stalking the restaurant's Facebook fan page/Twitter for more excuses to come back.

What's your favorite restaurant/restaurant dining story?


  1. Can you send me some of that dip please? thanks.

    12 course meal???? Thats my kinda meal!!! love it... and did that shrimp order come with just ONE big shrimp? just one?

    I guess my latest fave would be cooking my meat on a hot lava stone this weekend! ;)

  2. you lucky thing! what a rad deal!

    i want that dip. NOW. and i'll take all of that dessert too. and maybe the shrimp. and and and. :O

  3. That looks like an awesome meal! And what a promotion to offer free lunches! I think I would have ordered the entire menu and taken half home ;-) That is one insanely large jumbo shrimp by the way!

  4. girl...great promotion,
    I'm drooling here~ especially over the dip!

  5. I was hungry before I saw this.. but now i am starving.

  6. OMG, I totally drooling over that food lady. YUM!

  7. oh my, my stomach would POP!! it all looks incredible!!

  8. BAH! now all i will be thinking about tonight is FOOD. thanks a lot! ;)

  9. this looks like heaven. i would kill for oysters right now!
    ps. i love that you list palahniuk as your fave author on your profile page!


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