Sunday, June 7, 2009

moar dresses & short shorts :)

i love how it's summer but the weather is only nice once the weekend comes, which isnt a problem for me working 9-5 M-F. so i like to celebrate every weekend by sporting bright colors and bare legs :)

*heavy picture content follows, hehe.

Saturday = yellow dress + flower scarf [both h&m]

and then a terrible photoshop job, but merely to show off how fluttery and fun this dress it. i love it!

Sunday = pink cut off shorts + floral tank [both h&m, again]

hope you guys had a good weekend too, and hopefully full of life and color! :)


  1. hey creepy stalker person who goes people watching.. hahaha! jk ;P LOVE the yellow dress and the scarf that you paired with it.. the colors are so vibrant and totally screams summeR! hehe! oh and you totally rock those heart shaped glasses ;P

  2. you are fabulous! Totally, undeniably FABULOUS!

  3. So so pretty! I love all the colors you combine! xxoxxoxo

  4. The yellow dress collage is sooooo cute!!! I love it!

    And I adore the heart shaped sunglasses!

  5. yummy dress! envy the bright yellow. :)
    thanks for blogwalking me..


  6. You look adorable! That yellow dress is fabulous!

  7. lol @ your photoshop! it is kinda creepy AHAHA.
    yey, shorts! i love shorts :D

  8. Ah you're so gorgeous and have fantastic clothes!

  9. You are such a beautiful girl, I can't even deal. Great skin, hair, etc... and you seem like such a sweet sweet girl with a wonderful blog. I will definitely be regularly checking in : )


get it done lovelies! :)