Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh happy day! (or week, rather!)

*warning* sappy post time!

so this thursday is me & mike's 4yr anniversary (YAAAY!!) and im sooooper excited :D and although i could go on and on about our time together and how much our love has grown throughout these amazing years, id rather not blabber out our entire life story in one blog post! that's just a whole 'nother blog in its own. rather, since im a very visual person, i have decided to post a few specific pictures of mikeycakes (aka mr. cakes) & i (his josiebean) depicting each year of our lives together :)

right about when we first met; sitting at one of our favorite spots - the dock at Salem Willows:

1 year in; whale watching by the Aquarium/Seaport:

2 year anniversary; dinner at Cheesecake Fact:
snuggle time after the anniversary dinner! where mike decided to wrap me up like a 'peapod' haha :)

3 year
anniversary; a gorgeous night, outside by the fountains after dinner at the Top of the Hub in the Pru - which is the closed off, tippy top floor, with a (expen$ive) spectacular view of nearly all of Boston:

*sigh, i love looking back on us and knowing how much we've shared, and that every day together is just as magical as the first time we met. i honestly could not be happier :)
anyhoodles, this year for our anniversary we're gonna keep it pretty chill. beach if it's nice enough out (pleeeease mother nature, i am begging you!) and then Exchange St. Bistro for some fine dine and wine mmmm. and of course i plan to take more pictures :D

have a loverly day, my loverly bloggers! <3


  1. ohh these are such cute pictures, you look adorable.

    Thanks for your comment love :)

    Meho xx

  2. so sweet and cute!!!you look adorable.


  3. awww you guys are too kute!! happy anniversary!

  4. ohhhhhh!!! congratulations!!! and you make a beautiful couple. cheers to many, many, many more happy years together!

    and the weather better cooperate! :)

  5. congratulations on 4 years, i hope you have many more together x

  6. Happy early 4 yr anniversary! That is amazing. You guys are too cute! =)


  7. you two are fabulous together! Happy Four Year Anniversary!

  8. Awwww absolutely perfect!! Happy Four Year that is awesome!! XOXO

    The shoes...got them at some random boutique by my house, and they don't even have a website! SO ANNOYING!!!

  9. oh wow, how lovely!! 4 years, that's no joke. Congrats & best wishes :)

  10. Congratulations! That is amazing, and I love the progress of your pics -- the love seems to be growing and that's such a beautiful thing :) You guys are so cute together!

    I hope the weather is perfect for you two :)

  11. aww! congratulations dear! i love your love story.. both of you deserve each otherr.. :))))


  12. awww this was an adorable post. Congratulations on such a beautiful achievement. xxx


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