Friday, June 26, 2009

happy anniversary bb!

as promised, a (picture heavy!) recap post about my wonderrrfullll day/night spent with my amazing boyf of 4 years. *sappiness follows*

started the day out at the lake on what turned out to be a beautifully sun shiny day. played velcro ball! (is there a real name for this toy...? ah well, i like calling it 'velcro ball' hehe)

us at the lake/park :)

proceeded to a late night dinner extravaganza @ Exchange St. Bistro, sooo yummi :d - oh and just excuse our awkward facial expressions, this was after our giant (and delicious!) martinis...

then my after hours photoshoot, haha im so lame......but i just got a new camera, so ill use that as an excuse to cover up my lameness :P
my outfit for dinner date night

with bag

bag closeup

shoes closeup

my present from mike! i loooove this watch, and now my burberry watch (also given to me thanks to mikeycakes, circa my 21st bday) has a friend :D

"i am the big cheese!" and oh how cheesy i am...!
"oh hai"

drinks + my babycakes + new camera = sooo happy/sooo cheesin'

anddd calling it a night finally!

wow im so self-centered! i wish i had more pics of mike but he's camera shy, silly boy. this weekend i think ill take many a sneak attack pics of him, esp. now that i have a new camera and all :D


  1. Happy anniversary to the both of you. Hot outfit too!

  2. haha you are so cute! happy anniversary to you guys! love your little red dress :)

  3. Aww, you're adorable! I'm glad you guys had an amazing anniversary :)

    And wow, I read "proceeded to a late night dinner..." as "proposed to at" and I almost FREAKED OUT for you until I realized I needed to put my glasses on haha. :)

  4. Fabulous look! Happy anniversary!

  5. congratulations!!! and you are GORGEOUS!!!

  6. 4 years? I'm on my third year :D congratulations! I like your dress, I don't think I wear much color anymore lol, and thank you for your comment :) It means a lot! <3

  7. Awwww Happy Anniversary!!! 4 years?? That's awesome!!

    Velcro ball... omg I haven't seen that since I was a kid, I completely forgot about that!!

    I absolutely adore your blog and all your adorable pictures! You're gorgeous hun!!


  8. WOW!congrats!happy anniversary,dear<3
    you look gorgeous!! ;D

  9. aww congrats! You two look adorable together... Plus I love your outfit, esp your DKNY watch!! :D

  10. I totally love that clutch is it Vintage, and your gold watch!

  11. awww so sweet! you look great in this outfit X) it's such a cool celebratory dinner type outfit. congrats on the anniversary


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