Monday, August 17, 2009

it's a damn mad world

umm season premiere of Mad Men season 3 anybody?? SO GOOD.

the boys are back in town! sorry Don, everybody knows the creative dept. has more fun :)

i dunno if it's only my entire marketing class at Emerson who watches it, because none of my personal friends do (laaame), but i cannot help but get giddy over it and hope that my future in a prestigious ad agency is as over-dramatically entertaining. and trust me, ive been told many a personal stories about real life in the ad world, and though it's often not so pretty, it is always a hoot and a half. and yes, there are mimosas served at 9am conferences so ive been told :)

anyways, so this tuesday night ive been invited to a special Yelp! event Red Carpet Gallery Gala at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

oh the kicks keep on comin'! i am sooo amped for their "sizzling-hot beauty treatments including aromatherapy, mini-manicures, make-up applications and hair styling", the
live music
, their super fun photobooth taking idea, and of course the free food and cocktails! haha. not so swanky am i now, just a little mootcher after all :P

so of course, i need to find the perfect outfit!! and i am stumped. however, after being inspired as per every season of watching Mad Men, i want to go out and buy mike a cute little skinny tie with thick stripes and fun colors plus blazer - though we might have to skip any sort of jacket, as the heatwave is going to reach 93degrees on tuesday, eep! and then i might pull a re-wear (GASP, oh no i didnt! haha) of the dress Ken Cosgrove's wife wore to this season's premiere (see previous post *here*)...hmm, guess youll just have to wait and see! im hoping to have my own gala of pictures to show of the night :)

love ya's!! hope you all have a wonderful start to the week :D


  1. I'm totally going to suggest to Meg that we sip Mimosas when we're teleconferencing about the blog!

  2. i love mimosas! and i LOVE mad men. of course i was up watching my favorite ad agency. i am literally obsessed with everything mad men. i've considered quitting my job and changing industries but uh yea don't know much about ads.

  3. Ooh how fun! And that's exactly the dress I wanted to suggest for you to wear, woohoo! Love it.

  4. So many people seem to love this show. I've never watched it, but I'm loving the clothing style from it!

  5. ok, you are going to enjoy that event so much because of one thing. PHOTOBOOTH. love it! hahaha! oh and jbeanz, permission to stalk you on facebook please. hahaha!

  6. I've actually never watched Mad Men. We don't have TV so it's hard to stay up-to-date on new TV shows. And that is so cool your'e invited to a gala!! I've never been. Just the thought of getting all dolled up with everyone else is exiciting :). And when you do pick your outfit, be sure to post it up before you go out so we don't die of curiousity..... :)

  7. I love Mad Men haha & that event sounds like fun!

  8. That event sounds so fun!!

    The ad world is INSANE INSANE INSANE. And yes we drink at 9am woot woot.

    Yes please come work for me...just need to pay smiles?! :) haha...

    Mahal ka!!!!! Right?!

  9. ohmyLORD this is going to be so exciting and fun!

    and i'll attend a conference that serves mimosas at 9am! wow!

  10. ohh mimosas yum! and all that free stuff! including cocktails! sign me upp! :)

  11. WOW!!! WAY FUN!!! so exciting!!! :)

  12. I am SO obsessed with them.....gulp! Hope you have a wonderful time!


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