Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend recap!

hayyo, what a weekend!

so as i mentioned at the end of my last post, Kristin, one of my bfff's since birth and truly my 2nd sister, came home for the weekend to celebrate her extended birthday in Boston! extra points to whoever can guess how old she just turned. haha, we all joke about her cutie petiteness, but *hint* she is older than me! anyways, to sum up the night here is yet another vast array of pictures...they may not say it all, but they say enough. hehe :X

starting off the night at her parent's house haha. all squished around bbq, beers, and shots of Crown :) Kristin is on the far right with the glasses and turquoise+purple dress

me & my seeshter at The Market in Fanueil Hall :) looking a hot mess! haha. rooftop parties in 90degree weather dont mix with our hair well...!

yes, that is 15 shots of Crown. 3rd round out of 6...eep!

and thus leads to this...hahah poor Joe!
@ Chau Chow City for the best eats you can find at 3am, let alone the only place really open at that hour (Boston can be so lame like that!)

ah yes, what a night...where we arrived back home at 5:30am just so i could sleep for about 4hrs and wake up for a pool party at my grandparents house of all places! haha. it was my Lolo's (that means grandpa in Tagalog, aka "Filipino" i guess to some...) bday and we had yet another delicious bbq, and thank holy heavens i managed to avoid a hangover. instead, i got to appreciate this big bundle of cuteeenesssss while i lounged in the sun :D

my nephew Dante, a nearly 3yr old who fits into 5T player anyone?

my niece Kamryn, who has the maturity of a 30yr old sometimes i swear! intelligent and sweet to the bee's knees!

oh hai! looking quite composed after last night's/early morning's festivities
and my funky nails haha. idk i thought the colors were quite chipper and they made me happy so i took a pickcha :)

and now it's back to work....oyee!
hope everybuddys having a good start to their week :)


  1. shots are crown?!?! blehhh! you're hardcore lady. i guess you don't mess around. and partying til 5:30am...daaaang! you party like a big girl. you do the damn thang :)

  2. WOOOOHA!! lol :)

    I'm loving the nails :) {both LOL}

  3. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! Oh, the Crown. It's making me ill looking at it. Yey for bestie bonding!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! Oh man, I'd rather not look at the Crown - haha. Your nephew is adorable by the way. And love those nails! I'll refrain from trying to guess your friend's age by the way... I'm miserable with stuff like that :)

  5. Oh Kamryn stole my heart...she's adorable! LOL, I don't know but I'm certain she's younger than me :) Your nails look so fun!

  6. WOah I love the pictures, it seems like you had a great weekend! ^__^

  7. You're adorable and so are your nieces/nephews! 6 shots?! I totally would pass out cold from that - you're a trooper

  8. That looks like quite a fun weekend:) Oh and I LOVE you nails. So cute and colorful!

  9. Boston's a fun place to turn 21? Just a guess. :)

    And as for Chau Chow City! OMG, hello undergrad memoriessss. Haha, I've been to that place more often than I should have, lol.

  10. Looks like you've had a lot of fun!! And I can't beleive you only got 4 hrs of sleep..... Geez!!!! You and your sister are so gorgeous...even with the heat! And I didnt' know you were filipino?!? Kumustaka? My husband knows tagalog so I know a few phrases. Mostly cheesy mahal kita and pogi..hehe :)

  11. Dang girl! You know how to party badass steeez like! haha love it!

  12. oh geez! That's a ton of crown O_O I can't hang anymore! I'm turning into a light weight *tears* lol XD but I want to go swimming wednesday now that I look at your pictures :)

  13. Lovely pics! Sounds like a good time!

  14. 15 shots of crown?! LOL I'm done after the 4th or 5th shot! Can't imagine doing all 15 in 1 night! Anf the pool party looks fun, I haven't been in a pool for like.. oh I don't even know when the last time hahaha the weather here has been so crappy this season

    I agree with your commen on LC's dress, it's go big or go home right?! either go completely scandalous or classy, none of that pregnet see through crap! haha

  15. i have that purple color on my nails right now :) hey dear i left you an award on my blog! :)

  16. i love everything :) LOL
    mmm.. i'm totally agree with youuuuu.. btw, i love your nails..



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