Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Montréal, la terre de magasins de sexe abondants

hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts!! but i have finally caught up to reading all your latest posts (so much work, but so worth it since you guys are too funny and a wonderfully creative bunch)!

as you know, this past friday until yesterday night was spent in Montreal for a mini-vaca for the boyf's 24th bday bash. so without further ado, and no need for rambling, i present you with the hightlight pics (heavy pics, rather) of the weekend! :)

sitting across from the MoFA, Montreal w/the barrel fountain/wading pool
taken at the Chinese exhibit section of the Botanical Gardens, Montreal

found this little fun comparison inside the Montreal Biodome. TWINZ!! hehe.
souvenir shop at the Biodome. sucha cutie hehe :)

Sugar Heaven!! we used to have one in Boston on Newbury St. but it closed down not too long ago and broke my heart...until i stumbled upon this one in Montreal's "underground tunnel" - which was essentially a 5 floor mall (overwhelming indeed, and me and mike found that we spent most time aweing at all the food choices)!

of course mike got Street Fighter themed energy drinks - Sonic Boom & Dragon Punch. sadly there was no ChungLi Kickin' Cootch Juice for me :(

oh well, the Sonic Boom was too intense anyways..even for this BA mutherfluffer!

outside Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

us outside together

inside la Basilique Notre-Dame - breathtakingly beautiful :)

and spending our last night out on the town with 10 half-pints of white, pale, amber, and brown beerz. messy night assured, with about 200930912 passer-bys commenting to us (we had an open window seat) with thumbs up and huge grins of envy. going out with a bang and possible celeb style is just how we do it :]

and just for kicks, the last few are not to make fun of the french, but rather just me and mike being immature as always ("hehe that sign says something dirty!")

because sex is always more super with a cape...!

closeup of the mouthfull of a$$!

ass steak or ass kafta?? decisions decisions...

hehe cootch....

whoo that was a long recap...hope you all enjoyed your weekends as well, i have miss youuu! :D



  1. wow it looks so fun, I need to vaca with my man :D you two are too cute together! and the owl and the butterfly looks freaky o_O

  2. Wow....looks like you two had so much fun! I want to go on one more vacation before shcool starts again.... You and your boy look so good together! clothedmuch.blogspot.com

  3. Looks like a fabulous vacay. It looks like he definitely enjoyed his bday!

  4. glad you guys had fun in canadia!!! and oh my gosh.. i better not tell my bf they have street fighter drinks there. hhahahah! oh and love all the suggestive pictures and signs. its almost as good as engrish... almost. hehehe! and i'll go with the ass kafta. thanks.

  5. I love how fun you two are. You remind me of my bf and I :) Ha ha, love the shot of the lobster glasses!


  6. ooOOooh nice pictures!! ^__^ It looks like you two had lots of fun. && what a NICE way to spend your last night out on the town! haha - I'm sure the two of you had fun that night!! ;) lol JK! :D Forgive my humor

    And I feel so fortunate that I don't need to worry about student loans, my parents are willing to take care of my education me *thanks god*

  7. You two are so cute!
    And your sunnies really suit you!

  8. Haha these photos are so funny.
    Who would not take a photo of the Ass Steak?!
    Beth xx

  9. How fun! M must've had the best birthday ever!!! I meant to tell you about this one place to go eat...ah, but Montreal has the best restaurants anyway! Next time come to Toronto :)xx

  10. haha! you two are soo adorable! looks like you guys had a blast(: and chun-li? My FAVOURITE street fighter chick! haha xx

  11. great pictures! it looks like you guys had so much fun!


  12. Sounds like a fab time! That beer sampling looks yummmmmmmmmmy!

  13. ahhh! lovely, mkes me wish i had a boyfriend :( lovely pics babe

  14. Biodome!! That place is great, but so humid hehe! I love your pictures, it totally makes me wanna go to Montreal again! Did you end up going into Super Sex? Last time we went there a stripper tried to rip us off! Boooo

  15. I remember the Biodome from grade 7! You're photos are great and making me anticipate my trip to Montreal in a few weeks even more. BTW I tagged you in my post today - take care sweetie!

  16. wow-wee...you guys are adorable! such fun!!
    Love the comparison between the owl & butterfly~

  17. Josie you are sooo beautiful!

    We love Boston! We especially love Cambridge. I need recommendations!

  18. Love these photos! And your wacky poses ;-) My guy and I have also become experts in the 'taking pics of both of us' shots, except that we somehow only manage to capture our heads and you don't see much of the surroundings. Looks like you had a blast! And fascinating to see that Notre Dames look the same in every city!

  19. wow wow, u both areeee so sweet!!! happy bday to ur bf!! have a nice date again! =P

  20. Loved all the pictures! And omg, you just brought back memories of my life in Boston! I always used to walk right past(heh, don't have much of a sweet tooth) of Sugar Heaven! Haha, I remember always seeing it while I was out & about shopping. Though my favorite haunt on Newbury used to be Scoozi...mmmm, their sangria is to die for! :)

    Coming back to your post, I know I've said this before, but you and your boy look adorable together! :) And I love your yellow dress!

  21. AWWW I love MONTREAL!!!!



  22. you two look like you had so much there! Its so beautiful in Montreal, I love it! and look at your fabulous nail polish! :) Have a great weekend!

  23. COUCHE TARD?!?!?1/ bahahhaha!!! so funny!!!

    and it looks like you had a blast!!!

    and that beer is looking so damn tasty right now!

    hope you have a fabulous weekend! ;)

  24. LOL I love those signs, and gah ... I've driven through Quebec and I've been to Quebec City, but never to Montreal! Sign me up for my next vacation there, please ... looks like you two had an amazing, unforgettable time! Yay! If I lived closer, I would have greeted you haha :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  25. that's how i would spend my last night on the town too! looks like fun


  26. ive never been to montreal but it looks amazing!
    continue to enjoy your summer
    i looove that yellow dress, perfection for the season ;)))


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