Friday, July 10, 2009

tgif to the max

TGIF fo reelz.

*forewarning* - pardon my silly, stereotypical, obnoxious college girl "remember last night lyke omg!" post, but hey it was bound to happen...!

last night was a blast! it was "Amsterdam Live" at Ned Devine's bar/club which equals free sh*tty Amstel Lights (which were drank in huge portions regardless of how much they suck, because they were FREE!!) and some crappy live bands. the best part (other than the free boozin') was just hanging out with some of my favorite people that i love and adore (i hart you MT, MB, AK, and KS)!

just to jot down some highlights that i can remember and laff really hard at in the future:

- TP sticking out of my friend's pants, and not just trailing at her shoe or anything, but practically hanging out of her butt! hahaha, oh there were some good laughs indeed

- someone legit slapping mike's butt WHILE he was
in the b-room..uhmm???!?! that's MY ass,
thank you very much guy!

- threatening/joking to slam bottle over bottle to get the volcano explosion effect to didnt happen,
but yet at least half of us ended up going home
having showered in Amstel

- "your mom's face's face is a GPS...!" yeah long story...? but many laughs proceeded anyways!

and etc. etc. etc.

one highlight i would like to FORGET happened, however, was having two huge toolbags come up to our table as soon as mike and my friend's other guy friend left. how desperate can you get?? not to mention they were exact replicas of these guys:

only not acting, but for serious...

who legit came dancing over to our table like this:

there were many awkward laughs and more disgusted stares on my behalf, but luckily they went away after a short while (only to proceed to some innocent hostess and continue to GRIND up on her, while she was still on duty...)

and that is why i dont frequent clubs, but 'twas still a fantastic overall night :D

have a good weekend lovelies!!

im actually going for a mini-vaca this weekend to Cape Cod with my darling older sister, brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew :D wut u got?


  1. HAHAHAH oh my gosh.. i can just imagine your faces as those two creeps approached you. and i love the story of TP getting stuck in your friends pants. My coworker has worn this long skirt to work twice and TWICE i've caught her with it stuck in her panties from behind. hahaha!

    and P.S - yes, they will most definitely be little fat ninjas. :)

    happy friday josie! this weekend i'm going to a water park thats about it! have fun on your mini trip!

  2. have a good weekend as well josie! :)) looks like you have a blastt!


  3. hahaha omg that sounded like a YouTube moment with the 2 douchebags! Don't you hate guys that think that they're god's gift to women?! ugh! Have a great time at cape cod this weekend :D

  4. Haha, that is hilarious! I do agree that clubs are so much seedier than your average hangout place, especially with guys like those on the prowl. At least you had fun and came back with a story to tell!

  5. bahahah! it is quite a scene to go to clubs. dork dudes on the prowl are the worst!

    hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

  6. LOL! sooo funny! have a great weekend!

  7. Lol....that's so funny. I don't go to clubs very much unless I'm with my bf. There are so many crazy guys there! Glad you had a great time! xxoxoxoxo

  8. Haha, that's hilarious! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Haha douchebags everywhere!

    Have a fun weekend with the fam!

  10. omg i love night at the roxbury!!! everytime what is love goes on, i always do the head move :D

  11. Have a blast! Did they sandwich you? Ah ha

  12. Hey there!
    Just came across your blog and TOTALLY love it!
    Wanted to let you know that I am now "following."

    I look forward to getting to know you more!


  13. Oh my goodness- you are hilarious! Oh how I miss Thursday nights in college- such fun times! Happy weekend love :) XOXO

  14. haha, you have a cute blog, I like it~! You have a new follower hun <3


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