Tuesday, July 21, 2009


it's a special boy's birthday in just 1 day...can ya guess?? IT'S MIKEYCAKES, YAAAY!! the goober is turning 24 tomorrow and i cant wait to smother him with birthday keeshes :-*
...but for now, get ready for the longest post everrr, but hopefully will be worth the read! :D

so as an early bday present, i took him to one of his favorite childhood bands and we pop punked it out to Green Day last night haha. it was a blast actually! we were like teenagers all over again. plus they put on a great set, full of:

- pyrotechnic explosions - a special segment of show tunes (my favorite!)

- calling on random audience memebers to come up on stage (a 10yr old boy was "healed" haha, a few kids got to sing different whole verses of their songs, and one lucky fella got to play an entire song on Billy Joe's guitar) --
life changing moments
for these kids? hell yah

- and the always fun confetti closing.

as for tomorrow/his actual birthday, it will prob consist of close friends time and dinner plans, because there is nothing like good food in good company :)

and then on friday morning we are trecking it up north to the lovely land of canada (and their maple leaf hats!!) for an extended weekend vacation in montreal (woohoo party city!! haha). we are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Montreal Centre-ville (see: here or here) which was fabulously cheap and looks just right for our simple tastes -- constant commenting on "comfiest beds ever" + wonderfully scenic patios and rooftop pool = perfect!

also, mike & i have made a tradition ever since we first started dating to go to Six Flags for his birthday. here is a picture documenting the first birthday of his we shared (his 20th):

the Superman (Ride of Steel) of course!! (only now it's changed to the stupid "Bizarro"...ughh like wtf is that?) anyways, if you dont know what the Superman is, you are surely missing out! it is a 221ft drop at 71degrees and at 77mph right at the start, amazingness. and can you believe this was the first rollercoaster id ever been on?? when it comes to amusement parks there's never been a risk i didnt like :)

speaking of risks, and also to go along with recapping mike's birthdays, on his 21st birthday he wanted to go out in style. not the usual, boring, "lets drink until i puke like ill never see tomorrow!" type of deal - instead we went skydiving. it was definitely one of the greatest experiences ever, and im so glad i got to share it with him. and because he was the big, tough, birthday boy he wanted to go first, which actually made me extremely calm instead of nervous, but definitely 110% excited for the jump. no pics from that night sadly (and videos of it were like $200 a person, a lot of $$$ for a poor 18yr old like me at the time), however we did get certificates for proof and my memories will last my whole lifetime! the site itself is awesome btw, here is the link plus photos of the area + their tandems:

the location of Skydive New England in Maine. we stayed in those cabins overnight and they had the most kickass, huge bonfire i had ever seen! plus can you see all those parachutes landing in the center of the grassfield? well as soon as we drove up and parked, we all just looked up in the sky and stared in wonder at all of the dozens of bright, vibrant chutes that were floating down.

after the intense jump it is honestly the most peaceful and goregeous view you could ever get, as once the chute comes out it is smooth sailing :)
wooo rock on! also this guy looks like my tamdem instructor

aw golly, id love to do this!

alright alright, so to continue with mike's extravaganza bday celebrations (and the rest will be more tame hehe) for his 22nd we took a vaca to Florida and visited all the tourist hot spots - including Universal, Islands of Adventure, Medieval Times, and a Pirate Dinner (too many pics to post, so ill save you the white space). the following, however, was the best souvenir EVER.

and lastly, for his 23rd we went to the Riveria Maya, Mexico. beaches, tours (wildlife, culture, and zip lining!), clubbing, pool/wet bar and repeat every day for a week - heaven on earth!! again, too many pics to post - but ill leave you with a sceneic pic, my favorite pic and then mike's favorite pic, respectively.

the beach at Tulum (out fave), after our Myan temple tour

drunk off sandy shores :)

haha. eep, this picture is awful on my behalf, but since the boy loves it so, ill put it up for him :)

everybody please wish mikeycakes a happy birthday!! :)

i had so much fun looking back, and with each year we get older i hope we all remember to live life to the fullest and always be happy to be with the ones we love<3


  1. Hiiii :) New Follower!

    Wow! Happy birthday to Mikey! He's so lucky to have someone to celebrate his birthday with style! Every year, you guys do something so new and exciting! WOOOOW =]

  2. you are too cute with your comments!!!

    Happy Birthday Mikey!!!

  3. You did so many great things together!

    Happy Birthday Mikey!

  4. You're going to Montreal!! Nice! Come visit Ottawa next time I'll take you two around :D

    And haha Green Day! I love Brain Stew and Time of your Life hehe

  5. HAPPPPPPPPP BIRTHDAY MIKEYCAKES! haha! ;P i love this post! and all these memories of you guys! and i love that you're going to canada soon (but not loving that its not vancouver! hehe) and six flags?! jealous, i've always wanted to go!...and are you for real about the $200/person for a VIDEO!! booooooooo to that!!! :( i'll still go though! hehe! oh regarding your love for bunnies, yesterday i was at the park and 2 bunnies were just chillin' on the grass so i tried to chase them but they were too fast in running back to the bushes, it reminded me of you. happy tuesday beans :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Mikey!!!

    You're too cute my dear, I love that you dedicated a post to the wonderful birthdays you've shared together :)
    You are crazy adventurous! It's enough for me to just look on :)

  7. Aww cutest pictures together... looks like you guys have so much fun !

  8. Happy Birthday Mikey!!! This post is seriously something fabulous! FABULOUS! I mean its like practically a birthday present in and of itself! :) So so true: Always live life to the fullest and with the ones you love! You are one WISE lady. The two of you are a beautiful couple! This will be yet another,wonderful, beautiful birthday to remember!

  9. You guys are too cute! Happy bday dude!

  10. happy birthday mikey! Wow you have the best birthday ideas! he's one lucky man (: I wish my birthdays were this exciting! boo. Okay, I shall go complain to Ian now! haha (;

  11. So cute!! Happy birthday Mikey!!!

  12. Oooh...Happy Birthday!
    Great photos & great smilesss...love them! I can't help myself but to smile too!

  13. Happy Birthday Mikey! The funniest thing is, my boyfriend and I went to MGM in Disney a few years back and took the exact same photo of Princess Leia and Han Solo. Great shot you two!


  14. i hope the birthday celebration is SUBLIME and that it continues for days! weeks! months! 4evah! :)

  15. Lots of fun and happyness on those pictures. And you two are so cute!!

  16. aww you guys are so cute! haha (L)

  17. adorable as always - btw i'm heading to montreal in a few weeks as well! let me know how it is, i haven't been since i was 12

  18. whoa happy late birthday! :D looks like that was loads of fun! :) I'm going to follow nowww, I thought I was but I guess I wasn't LOL! XD

  19. What a lovely post for him! Happy Bday to your love :) XOXO

  20. Happy birthday!

    These are some awesome bday presents :)

  21. Happy Birthday Mikeycakes (are you sure we're allowed to call him that?). Loved the retrospective of past birthdays. The rollercoaster pic is awesome but the ultimate has got to be the Star Wars one. Haha. I've never skydived (my guy has though), but not sure it's my thing, though I've tried hang-gliding and running off a cliff strapped to a kite isn't exactly less frightening. Hope you guys have a great time celebrating! Never been to Montreal but have always wanted to go, so I hope you'll be posting pics of the extravaganza when you get back!

  22. You guys have been together more than my husband and I have!!!! And I think you did more too... hahaha We better catch up to you two! And happy birthday to your special someone!


  23. woww.. happy birthday mikey! and btw, sweet post!!

    and i also tagged youu.. :)) just check my post..


  24. haha I agree I HATE the jonas brothers they are ugly and they can't sing live. I understand that they're the new backstreet boys but at least BSB could sing and they were hot. Joe Jonas looks disgusting with his catipallar eyebrows. Have fun in Montreal and take lots of pics :D

  25. Happy belated birthday! Those recaps and pictures are adorable, I love that Star Wars picture, he fits perfectly as Han Solo! :) Hope you had a blast in Montreal, can't wait to hear all about it!

  26. happy bday to the boy ! looks like a fun activity for a bday haha

  27. hey! thanks heaps for follwing! and once, again, those pics are mad! you guys had so much fun! happy b'day to him :)


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