Sunday, March 28, 2010

and they were all yellow

So, somewhere in these hectic past 2 weeks and my last post, I forgot to mention that I went out/went nail polish crazy and picked out about 8 new colors. No joke, it's like a rainbow threw up but neatly into 8 little bottles. So, after my last post I thought very long about what should be the first color I go with...and here we have it!

I love Ulta!
I always get their emails but had never been to their store until 2 of my oldest friends took me there
like a couple weeks ago. I fell in love! It's what I refer to as the "poor man's Sephora"
- mostly all the same stuff but with the cheaper/mainstream drug store cosmetics as well.
Plus they have a waaay better nail polish line, so I'm obviously sold right there.

peepin' them peepers

vogue-ing it

typical me...

rihanna's happy face yellow paws. bbgurl, i love you, but you so quirky sometimes...

Ok, so in all honesty I don't know how well I can rock the yellow. It's one of my favorite colors and an immediate uplifter, but I may have to leave it for my clothes and accessories and off my nails after this little trial. Anyways, I'll leave 'em on for a few days, but here is one of my top yellow accessory picks that can do no wrong in my eyes:

Betsey Johnson Bow Watch

Super cute! But personally I cannot own a watch without all the numbers lined in some way...seriously, does this watch say 10:08 or 11:06? errr.... This Marc by Marc Jacobs watch does it better for me, even though it's not yellow:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Watch

So whether you're a fan of yellow or if it simply revolts you because it reminds you of pee, please disregard this post but know that I will have a ton more other colors to review that will hopefully tickle your fancy :)

Have a fabulous mid-week, loves! <3

spring fash!on #3

Pastel Nail Polish

So I’ve never bitten my nails before, but I do definitely have a gross habit of picking at my cuticles all the time. Always having my nails painted helps to stop this obscenity, plus these colors make me happy. I’m also a big fan of multi-colored nails, call it tacky but Nicole knows how I roll! (and she’s one awesome lady). So here are my top choices for this fall:

Maybelline's Limited Edition "Sweet Thing" collection

super affordable, but they def flew off the shelves -
luckily I got the mint green in time & I loves it
(via HoneyMag)

this Illamasqua Pastel Spring 2010 collection MUST be mine

lusting over every color
(swatches thanks to Swatchaholic)

and then the ever popular (if you dare, and I soooo do) nail art
gurl, those paws look tasty enough to eat...almost

ugh, I want this exact mani on my hands, stat!
(both via TheFrisky)

Now, I'm a fan of nail art in all forms and fashion - as I definitely love the metallic, neon, and standard dark colors (deep reds, burgundies, royal purples and blues, black, etc.) craze - but for the beginning of spring I just can't seem to get enough pastel. What color nails are your paws rockin' right now? Give me some inspiration :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

rings and bling take #2

so first of all i would like to say thank you all so much for your kind words about my situation last week. it was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions, but like ive said a million times over at least i have my health and the people who matter to me most - boyf, friends, family, and even the kindness of strangers to help me stay positive, strong, and lift my spirits in the most sh*tty of times.

as for my shopping therapy date, that had to be postponed thanks to another 12309823 responsibilities that showed their uly face to me last weekend, but if i can have my way it is rescheduled for this thursday/into the weekend :) for now, ill leave you with some fairly recent purchases i made not so long ago...

so i have this big thing for animal rings lately. my bunny ring now has some hooting company :)
tbh, not counting my bunny bling (which was the first and original startup to my addiction), i really only wear the white owl ring and dont wear the earrings at all, but they came in a set so of course i couldnt resist.

these next two are a couple additonal little creatures that i must have...soon.
mr. elephant, mr. panda, can you guys just climb onto my fingers so i can take you home already?! ok, that sounded weird...

alas, i am stuck at work on another boring but at least slightly relaxing but then again filled with massive pooploads of homework to accomplish...i digress. these photobooth snapshots say it all - arguably content.


have a good tuesday, lady loves <3

Friday, March 19, 2010

hey guys,
it's been a terribly rough week for my neck of the woods, but since i really dont like to look at this blog as a personal space to write about bad days (all i will say is that i was mugged monday night, but am way more happy that i am safe/unhurt), i will insist on writing about the things that have made the end of this week much more satisfying:

- a co-worker agreeing to switch shifts w/me so that i no longer have to work
the Sunday midnight shift

- boloco mediterranean bowls

- it being near 70s since thursday and continuing throughout this weekend
(hello sunnies, flip flops & bright toes!)

- good friends and much needed quality time/conversation with them

i am very thankful for all these things and certainly much more, and im doing my best to stay positive no matter what. im moving on, staying alert, and sure as hell that karma will be a bitch.

also im hoping to drag my sweet little boyf into some big time shopping therapy for me this weekend. heh. a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Friday, March 12, 2010

it's friday night & i'm feelin' right!

So we livin' life like a video when the sun is always out

and you never get old and the champagne's always cold
and the music's always good

2 update topics for this lovely friday morning:
new bangs & JAY Z CONCERT RECAP!

with that being said, i'll just post some pics to do the talking

new bangs. cut them myself on a whim/needed a quick change, but im betting they last until the end of next week until i want to rip them out...!

checkin'-checkin' my fresh


H, O V A. I got my mojo back baby, oh behaveee

no one on the corner got swagga like j

w/young jeezy (sorry but he aint poop compared to weezy f baby).

only two resting in heaven can be mentioned in the same breath as him (amen)

lighters up for the finale, Young Forever
(which he dedicated it to the two kids in the audience from
the Make a Wish foundation, such a gentleman)

im throwing up my diamonds for the rest of the weekend, he totally killed it.
thank your thank you thank you Jay, you're far too kind.

have an amazing weekend, loves!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spring fash!on #2

Forever21 Abstract Color Contrast Skirt

i dunno about you guys, but i have a firm stand against wearing pants. like, i hate the way they feel and i'd always, always, rather be wearing a skirt or shorts. also, my hate for pants includes an equal, if not moreso, hate for leggings. no offense to leggings fans but i think they're horrid. especially if you like to wear them as pants, aka nothing covering ya bum...uhm, arent you worried about flashing that hardcore camel toe?? but tbh, i do own one pair and i'll admit they are really really comfy. they just dont come out of the house :)

anypoodles, i really love that f21 skirt...just minus the pleats. i've been a catholic school girl since kindergarten-high school, so for me pleats = uniform = gross. i mainly love the pattern, which leads into my latest spring shoot with my closely themed white & blue, "abstract" floral, light-weight blouse.

another spring fashion fashion rule in my book is comfort, which this shirt is.

happy wednesdays loves! <3>

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

spring fash!on #1

it's all about accessories, baby.

so i went to see Alice in Wonderland the night after i bought this embellished bun ring, how appropriate! call me tacky, but i adore it because it captures 2 of my fave things - bunnies & bling ;)

SE Boutique "snake-skin" gold pointed flats.

AE Floral Chiffon Cami (on sale for $5)

i have it in pink, green, and the blue shown above hah. hey, $5 each is a steal, amirite?

enjoy your Tuesdays, loves! <3

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've offically had my guest blogging cherry popped!

Quick update since i'm on little sleep and the first weekend of my spring break has officially started (excitement!), but i have my first ever guest blogging spot up on Nikolett's page now! This girlie sure is wonderful, but i'm sure you're all well aware of that fact :)

So if you're looking for some spring awakening and a kick of color to your peepers, be sure to check out my spring lust list on her blog now - Better Than Coffee! ah, coffee. i'll be getting a ton of you today.

Have a fabulous weekend all you lovely ladies! :)