Sunday, March 28, 2010

spring fash!on #3

Pastel Nail Polish

So I’ve never bitten my nails before, but I do definitely have a gross habit of picking at my cuticles all the time. Always having my nails painted helps to stop this obscenity, plus these colors make me happy. I’m also a big fan of multi-colored nails, call it tacky but Nicole knows how I roll! (and she’s one awesome lady). So here are my top choices for this fall:

Maybelline's Limited Edition "Sweet Thing" collection

super affordable, but they def flew off the shelves -
luckily I got the mint green in time & I loves it
(via HoneyMag)

this Illamasqua Pastel Spring 2010 collection MUST be mine

lusting over every color
(swatches thanks to Swatchaholic)

and then the ever popular (if you dare, and I soooo do) nail art
gurl, those paws look tasty enough to eat...almost

ugh, I want this exact mani on my hands, stat!
(both via TheFrisky)

Now, I'm a fan of nail art in all forms and fashion - as I definitely love the metallic, neon, and standard dark colors (deep reds, burgundies, royal purples and blues, black, etc.) craze - but for the beginning of spring I just can't seem to get enough pastel. What color nails are your paws rockin' right now? Give me some inspiration :)


  1. WHOOOA, that last mani is insane, I love it! I'm a fan of multicoloured nails too, but none of my nail polishes really match each other unfortunately lol. Right now I'm wearing Rimmel's Frisky Clover, but i'm definitely feeling the pastel ... I own this bright orange Sally Hansen one that I love, it just chips hella fast! Hope you had a good weekend, Josie <3

  2. I love the strawberry nails :D xx

    Have a great Monday!!!

  3. So cuuuuuute! I wish my nails weren't so dang thin or I'd try this out lol.

  4. Pretty colors, I actually pick at my cuticles too and nail polish defintely helps me stop that! Right now I have Meet Me on The Star Ferry by OPI on my nails, it's part of their Hong Kong collections. It's a purplish color with a bit of a sparkly in it.

  5. gasp! i am liking the pastels! i can't go for the super zany stuff. and i can only do the polish on my toes, as my hands are so busy and messy that i ruin polish within seconds!

  6. Hmm this post is inspiring me to get out and get some new nail polish! I tend to stay with the blush,light pink, and traditional red colors, but the Illamasqua Pastels look so good right now!

  7. okay i'm kinda lovin' that turquoisey greeny color! and the multi-colored nails is the way to go... if only i could paint my nails without it looking like a 3 yr old did it. sigh.

    p.s - you got bangs!!!!???? did i already know that??? but anyways.. I LOVE EM!

  8. omg I really love the pastels Josie!! BUT umm those watermelons are SUPER CUTE LOL!!! I hope you are having a nice week lady!! Have a super day!!!

  9. I love the fruit themes, so cute but I couldn't pull it off ;)
    Thank you for your sweet words on my last post, Josie, I really appreciate them.

  10. I'm a fan of nail art too! I can do the perfect strawberry nail art :)


get it done lovelies! :)