Sunday, March 28, 2010

and they were all yellow

So, somewhere in these hectic past 2 weeks and my last post, I forgot to mention that I went out/went nail polish crazy and picked out about 8 new colors. No joke, it's like a rainbow threw up but neatly into 8 little bottles. So, after my last post I thought very long about what should be the first color I go with...and here we have it!

I love Ulta!
I always get their emails but had never been to their store until 2 of my oldest friends took me there
like a couple weeks ago. I fell in love! It's what I refer to as the "poor man's Sephora"
- mostly all the same stuff but with the cheaper/mainstream drug store cosmetics as well.
Plus they have a waaay better nail polish line, so I'm obviously sold right there.

peepin' them peepers

vogue-ing it

typical me...

rihanna's happy face yellow paws. bbgurl, i love you, but you so quirky sometimes...

Ok, so in all honesty I don't know how well I can rock the yellow. It's one of my favorite colors and an immediate uplifter, but I may have to leave it for my clothes and accessories and off my nails after this little trial. Anyways, I'll leave 'em on for a few days, but here is one of my top yellow accessory picks that can do no wrong in my eyes:

Betsey Johnson Bow Watch

Super cute! But personally I cannot own a watch without all the numbers lined in some way...seriously, does this watch say 10:08 or 11:06? errr.... This Marc by Marc Jacobs watch does it better for me, even though it's not yellow:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Watch

So whether you're a fan of yellow or if it simply revolts you because it reminds you of pee, please disregard this post but know that I will have a ton more other colors to review that will hopefully tickle your fancy :)

Have a fabulous mid-week, loves! <3


  1. I think you rock the yellow pretty darn well! I don't have an ulta near me, sadly but I am a big nail polish fan too :)

  2. ohhh, the more I see yellow nails the more I want some, I nearly got some at the weekend but picked a dark colour instead - I think I'll get yellow next time! :)

  3. i love that yellow!!!

    ulta is the shit! who cares what anybody else says. and i agree, they have the best nail polish colors. i get almost 90% of my polishes there.

    i have a yellow color one but it's not as vibrant as yours. it looks more like nacho cheese on my fingers. not cute.

  4. Love it! It looks so good on you! I think I'm too pale for yellow...

  5. the yellow polish is amazing!

    btw, i love this coldplay song ;D

  6. I WANT AN ULTA! LOL I seriously get so jealous whenever I watch make-up vids on Youtube and they talk about Ulta and CCO ... wish we had things like that. And I think you can rock the yellow, fo sho :)

    Annnd thank you so much for the comment on my blog ... it's true, the whole ending university thing is making my head spin, though I might have to come back for a semester which suuuucks. But hopefully we can both get through it :)

  7. yellow looks great on you beanz! i remember last summer, i got my toenails painted yellow and my nails painted red and my bf called me iron man :( hahahha!

  8. OMG, loooooooove that Marc Jacobs watch!!

  9. love the neon yellow fingernail polish.. very trendy!


get it done lovelies! :)