Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spring fash!on #2

Forever21 Abstract Color Contrast Skirt

i dunno about you guys, but i have a firm stand against wearing pants. like, i hate the way they feel and i'd always, always, rather be wearing a skirt or shorts. also, my hate for pants includes an equal, if not moreso, hate for leggings. no offense to leggings fans but i think they're horrid. especially if you like to wear them as pants, aka nothing covering ya bum...uhm, arent you worried about flashing that hardcore camel toe?? but tbh, i do own one pair and i'll admit they are really really comfy. they just dont come out of the house :)

anypoodles, i really love that f21 skirt...just minus the pleats. i've been a catholic school girl since kindergarten-high school, so for me pleats = uniform = gross. i mainly love the pattern, which leads into my latest spring shoot with my closely themed white & blue, "abstract" floral, light-weight blouse.

another spring fashion fashion rule in my book is comfort, which this shirt is.

happy wednesdays loves! <3>


  1. Hi Josie darling!
    Glad you are back, looking gorgeous as always!!
    Love the color & print~
    xo as always*

  2. I’d totally always wear shorts and skirts if the weather wasn’t like this! Haha! I have to admit, I own leggings but NEVER, NEVer, NEVER would I wear them without the butt part not covered. I’ve seen some do that and its just not… classy. Haha! Actually right now, my leggings are being used more as long johns worn under my pants to keep me warm. Hahaha! ;P

    p.s – dancing while snacking, I’ll have to try that one.

  3. you look fab! love that skirt!

    i normally wear skirts every day, but finally found a few pairs of jeans that are somewhat flattering and very comfortable. they feel cozy in the winter with sweaters and scarves.

    and leggings w/o covering the bum?! NO WAY. nope. no way! never.

  4. you look so prettyy! and u know what? I MISS U!


  5. i really like that skirt, pleats and all. you would look super cute in it :)

  6. That top is a cute print! :)


get it done lovelies! :)