Tuesday, March 23, 2010

rings and bling take #2

so first of all i would like to say thank you all so much for your kind words about my situation last week. it was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions, but like ive said a million times over at least i have my health and the people who matter to me most - boyf, friends, family, and even the kindness of strangers to help me stay positive, strong, and lift my spirits in the most sh*tty of times.

as for my shopping therapy date, that had to be postponed thanks to another 12309823 responsibilities that showed their uly face to me last weekend, but if i can have my way it is rescheduled for this thursday/into the weekend :) for now, ill leave you with some fairly recent purchases i made not so long ago...

so i have this big thing for animal rings lately. my bunny ring now has some hooting company :)
tbh, not counting my bunny bling (which was the first and original startup to my addiction), i really only wear the white owl ring and dont wear the earrings at all, but they came in a set so of course i couldnt resist.

these next two are a couple additonal little creatures that i must have...soon.
mr. elephant, mr. panda, can you guys just climb onto my fingers so i can take you home already?! ok, that sounded weird...

alas, i am stuck at work on another boring but at least slightly relaxing but then again filled with massive pooploads of homework to accomplish...i digress. these photobooth snapshots say it all - arguably content.


have a good tuesday, lady loves <3


  1. Josie! glad you are feeling a bit better ;) and I think you look cute :) love your new finds!! so fun!!

  2. Girl, you're a super trooper ... getting mugged is no fun and I'm glad that you're okay. On a more positive note, you officially have the best collection of both sunglasses and animal rings :) You should be proud teehee. <3

  3. Yikes, someone tried to mug be in Boston when I was younger and it was seriously scary. Glad you are OK though!! Cute rings too :)

  4. So glad you're ok. I'm totally diggin' the elephant!

  5. I LOVE THESE RINGS!!! i think you may have transferred your fab obsession to me!

    p.s. you are so cute!

  6. where did you get these ? i rly love the elephant one!


get it done lovelies! :)