Friday, March 12, 2010

it's friday night & i'm feelin' right!

So we livin' life like a video when the sun is always out

and you never get old and the champagne's always cold
and the music's always good

2 update topics for this lovely friday morning:
new bangs & JAY Z CONCERT RECAP!

with that being said, i'll just post some pics to do the talking

new bangs. cut them myself on a whim/needed a quick change, but im betting they last until the end of next week until i want to rip them out...!

checkin'-checkin' my fresh


H, O V A. I got my mojo back baby, oh behaveee

no one on the corner got swagga like j

w/young jeezy (sorry but he aint poop compared to weezy f baby).

only two resting in heaven can be mentioned in the same breath as him (amen)

lighters up for the finale, Young Forever
(which he dedicated it to the two kids in the audience from
the Make a Wish foundation, such a gentleman)

im throwing up my diamonds for the rest of the weekend, he totally killed it.
thank your thank you thank you Jay, you're far too kind.

have an amazing weekend, loves!


  1. Duuude, you were CLOSE. What a fun night. I would love to see him in concert!

  2. OMG, I could've sworn that I was following you! >.< Idk what happened :( The last thing I remember is that you sent your resume out to places at like the end of summer.

    O well I'm glad that I found your page again XD Yikes I've missed out on a lot.

    I really love the bangs, they look great on you!! :) And you're so lucky to be able to go to a Jay Z concert! Can you believe that I've never been to a concert before? lol

  3. Love the new bangs! I wish I had the hair for bangs!

  4. Me likey your new bangs! And great photos from the concert! Looks like quite an amazing stage setup... glad you had such an awesome time!

  5. LOVE the bangs! Can you please cut mine? I butcher them haha. And the concert looks awesome! Looks like MUSE wasn't the only concert that used crazy screens like that :)

  6. the new bangs look great on you beans! and totally jealous you got to see jayZ!!! looks like great seats too! either that or a really good zoom on your camera! haha! ;P

    p.s - i'd totally get you canada/maple leaf/olympic gear but uh... people are pretty much selling them for 10x the original price on ebay since they're all gone in stores!! ><

  7. omg you saw Jay Z!? That's amazing! And loving your new bangs as well :D

  8. your bangs look AMAZING! they are so flattering, and you look so beautiful!

    and jay z? i bet he put on a hell of a show. :)

  9. Ahhh!!! I LOVE your bangs!!! :D I don't know why you didn't get them earlier because they look fantastic on you!!!!

  10. your bangs look SUPER!!!! I LOVE THEM!!

  11. love the bangs...LOVE JAY-Z!!! lucky girl, you are :)

  12. Your bangs is so cuuute!
    great concert~

  13. so jealous, big jayz fan! love the bangs!!


get it done lovelies! :)