Tuesday, March 9, 2010

spring fash!on #1

it's all about accessories, baby.

so i went to see Alice in Wonderland the night after i bought this embellished bun ring, how appropriate! call me tacky, but i adore it because it captures 2 of my fave things - bunnies & bling ;)

SE Boutique "snake-skin" gold pointed flats.

AE Floral Chiffon Cami (on sale for $5)

i have it in pink, green, and the blue shown above hah. hey, $5 each is a steal, amirite?

enjoy your Tuesdays, loves! <3


  1. I WANT THAT BUNNY RING! (: it's brilliant. where did u get it from? (; xo

  2. That bunny ring is sooo cute! And very you ;-) Love it! Havne't seen Alice in Wonderland yet (it doesn't come out here until next week), but I can't wait!

  3. oh bunniebeans, you are too cute! :) and $5 tops? heck ya, i'd buy it in every color! haha!

  4. i LOVE that ring!!! so cute! i would totally wear it!!!

  5. Love the bunny ring!!!!!


  6. that ring is kick ass lady! i love love LOVE it! pretty sure it belongs in my jewelry collection. yup yup.

  7. Bunnys and bling, LOL, I love your two favourite things! That ring is too cute. I want one. HA.
    And your nails are fabulous missy!
    Oh and I must see that movie!

  8. JOSIE!!!! that bunny ring most super duper for sure!!... as fab as it is...you are cuter for sure by far!!! ;)


get it done lovelies! :)