Sunday, February 13, 2011

VDay weekend & my new love packages!

So I totes owe MoreThanJazzz & BayVag about a million overdue blog posts, but hey better late than never! So, I'm going to skip all the verbal descriptions and just skip to all the visuals:

Getting ready for VDay weekend sushi dinner & scorpion bowls in my new ASOS mono sleeved dress, which I love and is super comfy. Finding the right accessories proved to be difficult as always, so this was version #1:

and this would be version #2, aka the final version since it was waaay too cold out to go out without material covering my legs:

haha Mike's fake smile, such a boy. I'd definitely prefer the first version of how I wore this dress, but winter somehow just somehow forces you to wear black when covering up. I cannot wait for spring/summer! But I do love my final choice of accessories: a short embellished necklace, a couple of rhinestone bracelets, and of course my leopard print nails!

And last, but certainly not least, is my bag wear out that night. Aka my new favorite accessories probably of all time:
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My new vintage Gucci handbag and the key items I keep inside, my Gucci sunnies and Louis Vuitton wallet. loveloveloves.

How were your weekends, loves?! Hope it was filled with fun & fabulosity, as always :)


  1. You fancy huh!!?

    I love the dress, the shoes, the accessories (I want my necklace back), and the nails!!

    P.S. Thanks for breaking in the Gucci bag and Louis wallet for me!! Can't wait to get them!!

    P.S.2 Keep the posts coming!!!

  2. ahhhhhh I LOVE IT ALL!!! The bag is AMAZING! love it!

  3. love the dress! belated happy vday to you and fake smile boy. hahaha! my fiance is the same way.. it bothers me... all our pictures are either with him doing a serious face or fake smiling. -_-


get it done lovelies! :)