Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fond of My Four Eyes

So after many attempts to steal my look (RE: MoreThanJazzz trying to steal my exact same Chanel 3135 glasses frames), I have decided to dedicate a post to all the *newest* frames I would like to soon add to my growing glasses collection/failing eyesight:

Turquesa Rounc Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)
Shell 658 Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)
Sting Tortoise Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)
Russel Party Habana Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)

Actually, MODvintageshop's entire collection of frames is incredibly appealing (not to mention incredibly affordable). I love the Red Transparent Round ones & the 50s Transparent Frames with pink edges, but the above 4 colors just seem like they'd work better with my face/complexion.

If you remember my sunglasses collection post from way back when (peep it here), then you know I have a more than slight obsession with glasses/sunglasses of all types. I'm hoping to do an updated post now that it's been over a year and the collection has most definitely grown (though I did get rid of a few really old pairs!). More on that to come, so stay tuned! :P


  1. First...I'm not trying to stealing anything, either I will steal it or I won't.

    Second...I'm leaning towards the 3176 and 3199!!

    Third...I think you'd like the glasses featured on the main page of the link below. A little more bold and dramatic, but more or else (not) the same!!!


  2. Totally diggin' the second pair!


get it done lovelies! :)