Monday, February 28, 2011

a sea of outfit posts with a side of cheese, coming right up!

man, getting back into the groove of blogging can be really tough, but thankfully i have my faithful bouzins to keep me in check (aka, keep bugging me about posting). thus, following the lead of MoreThanJazzz on her outfit posts, i have scheduled a new outfit post for every other day so that this blog space doesn't suffer from the once-a-month post syndrome. i also like the idea of documenting my outfits, so that one day i can look back and either say "ohay qt!" or "what was i thinking?!"

and so begins, outfit post #1:

leopard print top & khaki skirt - F21
black "knotted rope" belt & oversized "diamond rock" necklace - old H&M
Gucci handbag & Burberry watch

how cheesy are these poses, huh? hahah, i embarrass myself sometimes...err...too much. but that leopard top is one of my new favorites, since it's been a staple print for me all my life and the comfort of it is like a dream. any staple items in your closets?


  1. great outfit, I love the bag with it too.

  2. I LOVE IT!!!

    I'm looking forward to these OOTD posts!!!

    P.S. You're so lucky F21 ran out of that shirt!!!


get it done lovelies! :)