Wednesday, March 2, 2011

outfit post #2:

pink geometric print ruffle dress & gold/pearl necklace - F21
grey cardigan - H&M
Alfani tan boots - Macy's

and a closeup of my grey faux crocodile print tote - ASOS

i can't wait to wear more COLOR once the spring is actually here. not that there's a rule that doesn't allow colors in the winter, but i justcan't help leaning more towards blacks and greys while battling through these cold days.

any items stored up in your closets that you can't wait to break out once sunny spring hits?!


  1. Love It!!!

    I can't wait to wear my lace shorts and gold embroidered shorts (when I can fit them)!!!!

  2. Love the outfit and I want your bag!

  3. I second what Miss Gerdine said!


get it done lovelies! :)