Monday, March 7, 2011

fresh cuts

new haircut post, bringing the side swept bangs back:

pre-haircut. longest locks i've probably ever had. in for a much needed taming trim!
(p.s. - enjoy my dbag kissyface, hahah)

post-haircut from Acote salon on Newbury street.

i had to play with my bangs for a while for them to sit the way i wanted (these pics aren't the best, but i tried!). other than that, i got my layers back and my hair dresser did a fabulous job. highly recommend.


  1. looks great :)... when did side swept bangs go out of style?!?! LOL, I'm long overdue for a taming

  2. haha my bad! i meant to say "bringing *my* side swept bangs back" since they never went out of style, i've just had them since forever but grew them out over the last year, but it's nice to have them back now.

  3. Love the haircut! I've had the full-out bangs for a while and am considering growing them out to side-swept again ... though I kind of like not having to tame my eyebrows every two days lol.


get it done lovelies! :)