Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shoppapalooza Sunday

So my good ol' overtime paycheck just came in, and besides finally purchasing the tortoise ASOS watch and grey croc print ASOS over-sized bag in my last post, here's the rest of my much needed purchases from over this weekend:
purple flowy one shoulder dress (via ASOS)
geometric baby doll dress (via F21)
leopard print burnout top (via F21)
khaki simple woven skirt (via F21 - which i bought to pair with the leopard top above)
tri-colored sequined skirt (via F21 & on a fab sale, i do love me some sequin)

Beyond these items i bought a bunch more staple wardrobe pieces like simple jersey dresses that I won't bore you with, buuuuutt! I am highly debating snagging up these babies as my last big purchase with this paycheck:
Gucci black leather flats

How much do you think they're worth? I really need to debate on whether or not these flats are worth what they are selling for, because I honestly destroy all my flats in a few months tops. real leather may help in this case, but i digress... need help/opinions please!

Any of you fine folks buy any fancy digs this weekend? Do share ;)


  1. So yea...I was trying to not buy anything that wasn't food, health-related, or my sister's birthday gift, but I honestly want that F21 leopard top!!!

    In regards to the Gucci shoes, I have a feeling they're over $250, but look at it as a long term investment. If you have to, bring an extra pair of walking flats, and just change into these when you arrive at your destination!!

    P.S. I'm a size 8 or 8.5

  2. thanks for the input guys! sooo close to getting the GG flats - will keep you posted! ;)

  3. oooo i love the purple dress!!! my "fancy" purchase of this weekend... wasn't as fancy as Gucci but it was a Matt & Nat leather bag - originally $140 but i bought it on sale for $55. OH YEAH! As for the Gucci flats - yes, real leather might help with longevity but this just reminds me of a tweet one of my friends recently posted. Through work, she ordered burberry bags on wholesale and was appalled when she realized that the retail price of one bag did not even equal three bags on wholesale. haha! So the practical me says RESIST!!! but then again.. i'm also the one who wants a pair of Loubies for my wedding day. In conclusion, if you have many designer pairs, resist but if you don't and you can afford it, go for it :)

  4. p.s - you're not the only girl who didn't like The Notebook. Everyone hyped it up for me, saying it was the best love story ever, they cried and cried.... at the end of the movie, i was like "WHAT? that's it?" zero tears. haha!

  5. Love that gorgeous dress. What a perfect purchase!

  6. That one shoulder dress - DIVINE. I need to see pictures of you wearing it, STAT. And then you can send it to me hahaha :D I haven't had any fancy purchases lately, I'm afraid, unless you count a magazine that HAS pictures of fancy clothing in it. No? Ahh wells ... I will just live vicariously through you and your wardrobe :D Have a GREAAAAAT weekend!!

  7. I have good news for you, and bad news for me!!

    Because I waited so long for my sister to pick something out on F21, the leopard burnout top sold out!! I know you're delighted, and I'm pissed!!! She didn't even end up getting anything from F21!!!


get it done lovelies! :)