Sunday, January 23, 2011

online shopping after hours

winter weekends = staying at home, cooking up a million baked goods to make the apt warm & absolutely delicious smelling, and cozying on the couch with the boyf & our giant microfleece blanket. oh, and the especially addicting favorite pastime of online shopping in the wee hours of mindnight - 4am. what's a girl to do?! well, after searching high and low through an abundance of cute items, i found a handful of key accessories that i'm almost positive i want. BUT, before i click the "complete purchase" button, i figured i'd like some additional feedback. so here we go, honest opinions time everyone!
Tortoise Shell Boyfriend Style Watch (via ASOS)
Square Face Boyfriend Style Metal Watch (via ASOS)
Faux Croc Bar Day Bag in grey (via ASOS)

And then of course, to follow up with my last post on finding some notable apartment accessories, i have below the following items that were definitely in my quirky taste, though not in my top "buy it now" list. have a looksie:
Walrus Ice Cream Scooper (via Modcloth)

And there you have it! Any good finds for you guys over the weekend? Do share :)


  1. ummm i NEED that tortoise shell watch in my life! i love it! actually everything in this post is amazing! GET THEM ALL! lol

  2. OMG you need to get the Meow Measuring cups!!!! haha! And as for the watches, i like the second one better :)

    BEANS!!!! You have to be on the scene from now on - no more disappearances!!! (although i have you on facebook and twitter... i guess i'm just being selfish. haha)

  3. You should get everything...FOR ME!!

    The Meow Measuring Cups are too cute!!!

  4. When should I be expecting a haul?!!

  5. AAAAIE YOU'RE BACK!!!!!~~~~~ Can't believe I missed your return, I've missed you lady!

    And that peapod salt/pepper combo made me "AWW" for a good 30 seconds, so I'd definitely get that. And I'm feeling the second watch more, too.

    Hope you had a great weekend! :)

  6. Cool sttuf..Hay mothers day is on its way. I like to buy something for my mom, any one have idea what I should try for it. I am thinking of the Sekonda Watches special collection for mothers day.


get it done lovelies! :)