Friday, January 21, 2011

a whole lotta welcomes [back]!

hey gurls hey!

ok, so i've once again gone MIA on you guys but just know that i've been working my little tush off at the new job & have been overall just having a blast in my newly created "adult life," but i most certainly/sincerely have missed all of you and your posts that so brighten up my day.

tbh, i'm starting this blog up again because #1) it's been a super sloooow week for once, and #2) one of my best friends in real life has just started her own, wonderfully fabulous blog (welcome my betch: MoreThanJazz!)

now, to keep this on the shorter side i'm just going to pretend that i haven't been gone at all and just pick right back up with posts as soon as i have time. here we go, update numero uno!

i've been doing a lot of online shopping for bright/decorative new desk supplies now that the agency i work for has moved to our shiny new Boston office, and these are my most recent quirky favorite finds:

Hipper than Hippo Desktop Organizer
hippo pen holder (via Modcloth)
fat, lime green hippo. how can you not love this?

Bunny Paper Clips
bunny paperclips (via Modcloth)
so unnecessary, but my love for bunnies will never die

Come Bear-ing Coasters Set
bear skin coasters (via Modcloth)
let's face it, i am a clumsy mess of a fool and these will keep me from spilling all over my desktop...hopefully

Hidden Animal Teacups
hidden animal teacups (as seen on Luuux)
something to place on my bear coasters! obvi i need my daily morning coffee/tea, but i can't just have any boring old cup

i've also picked out a handful of deliciously decorative & colorful items for my apartment, but that shall come at a later post. after hastily traveling one place to another (client biz tripz), is there anything better than coming home to a well organized yet sprucefully fun home/office environment? not for me! anything beats drab stationary...that's for sure.

have a wonderful weekend, loves!


  1. Really though Jo??! You couldn't have thought of these gift ideas for our secret santa (which Jess thought wasn't so secretive)!!?

    I love the hippo desk organizer and the hidden animal tea cups!!!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out bouzin!!! Also, I thought you should know that you were my inspiration for my current template/layout!!!

  2. YAY!!! super excited that you decided to post again!! LOVE YOU! :)

  3. BTW...what do you mean by "one of my best friends in real life??!" I don't want people to know that we've been best friends since middle school!!! Our relationship is strictly virtual...LoL...until I'm home for break!!

  4. how cute are those mugs! i like the paper clips too

    Enjoy your weekend- stay warm! :)


get it done lovelies! :)