Thursday, May 20, 2010

Event Outfit #3

There's nothing much better than the feeling of dressing casual after a long week of glamming up for events. Don't get me wrong, I looove the concept of getting myself all dolled up to go to a swanky party, but afterward you definitely need a little r&r to unwind. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favorite comfy-time accessory that still manages to bring a little oomf/pizzazz to any outfit.

Event Outfit #3
- spring scarves

leopard print is a must have in my wardrobe, since it spruces up a normally dreary/boring black ensemble

seriously, can't get enough vibrant florals for the spring! plus a slightly obnoxious flower headband, why not

Happy Thursday loves!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Event Outfit #2

Event Outfit #2 - from StyleFixx Boston held last Wednesday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Event Outfit #1

Hay gurls hay! So seeing as I am graduating tomorrow morning, have a new job I start on Tuesday, plus my recent other sort of "side job" that allows me to attend countless exclusive events for free, and new apartment hunting on top of it all, I am all over the place right now. But I wouldn't have it any other way, considering this is the best kind of busy since it's all productive and exciting! For this reason, I've had many reasons to look my best as of late, so I think this week will start a slew of posts titled "Event Outfits" that will document my outfits for all these occasions. This isn't really meant to be a fashion piece since I by no means live in the luxurious world of designer-wear, but I do like to look back and relive my outfit choices (whether that be to look back and nod in approval, laugh at the ridiculousness, cry in disgust at "what was I thinking?!" or so on).

Thus, without further ado I will start with Event Outfit #1 - from the Hyatt Regency opening party on the terrace, sponsored by Bacardi:

it was so hard getting a non-blurry pic of this dress! - h&m beaded shoulder dress

close-up of the beaded shoulder detail

close-up of my newest h&m almost-obnoxiously-tacky-but-I-love-it-anyway necklace

Also, with this surge of events I have started a WordPress blog specifically dedicated to photos I take and choose as the highlights of each party. Check it out! Recommended to those that might be interested in what actually goes on at the events I attend. Also, I'm particularly proud of it and think it's actually a ton more fun than looking at pictures of myself :)

Have a great week you guys!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

spring fever for florals

Post title says it all, I got the spring floral fever w/stunner shades on the side. Basic outfit post/this is how I roll on warm, sunny days:

hahah idk how I got this whole *wind-blown* hair effect, but sure that's cool

my favorite shoes are no shoes, thx

floral sun dress & sunnies: f21; gold belt: h&m

shades on, peace out!

Enjoy your Thursday's guys! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

footsies around the world - take #2

Ughh hiatus be gone! Sorry about the absence from blogging, but with finishing up my final semester of school EVER and preparing for graduation (next Monday, eep!) I have been busting my chops busy. But of course, you gotta work hard to play hard, and I have a ton of free events coming up (I love my side job) to celebrate all my scholarly endeavors. Pictures of those happenings to come (on time hopefully), but for now I leave you with photos of my day of perfect relaxation last week after my last class ever ended:

ugh we're so pastey white here, hurry up summer tans!

got these shoes 3yrs ago from the Old Navy kids section...typical me

hahah, crazy flailing lanky legs

Salem (witch town) Willows

a perfect, easy breezy day

Work hard, party hard, relax hard (yes, it is possible). Well deserved, my friends. But now it is back to the grind as I have what I like to call "real-world" work to do now (no more silly essays on American Women Writers at least, and we can all rejoice for that). I've set up a few scheduled posts for this week though, since I hate losing touch with you guys! I know it's only Tuesday, but work whatcha got and know that there's always the weekend to look forward to :)