Thursday, May 13, 2010

spring fever for florals

Post title says it all, I got the spring floral fever w/stunner shades on the side. Basic outfit post/this is how I roll on warm, sunny days:

hahah idk how I got this whole *wind-blown* hair effect, but sure that's cool

my favorite shoes are no shoes, thx

floral sun dress & sunnies: f21; gold belt: h&m

shades on, peace out!

Enjoy your Thursday's guys! :)


  1. Cute dress! Love the colors :)

  2. That dress is so darn adorable on you lady!

  3. You are so adorable and sexy at the same time ... please share your skills :D Love the florals too, it's really hard to find nice ones for me though! Hope you have a great weekend lady!

  4. Oh so cute, love the floral print!
    Enjoy your weekend beautiful!


get it done lovelies! :)