Sunday, May 16, 2010

Event Outfit #1

Hay gurls hay! So seeing as I am graduating tomorrow morning, have a new job I start on Tuesday, plus my recent other sort of "side job" that allows me to attend countless exclusive events for free, and new apartment hunting on top of it all, I am all over the place right now. But I wouldn't have it any other way, considering this is the best kind of busy since it's all productive and exciting! For this reason, I've had many reasons to look my best as of late, so I think this week will start a slew of posts titled "Event Outfits" that will document my outfits for all these occasions. This isn't really meant to be a fashion piece since I by no means live in the luxurious world of designer-wear, but I do like to look back and relive my outfit choices (whether that be to look back and nod in approval, laugh at the ridiculousness, cry in disgust at "what was I thinking?!" or so on).

Thus, without further ado I will start with Event Outfit #1 - from the Hyatt Regency opening party on the terrace, sponsored by Bacardi:

it was so hard getting a non-blurry pic of this dress! - h&m beaded shoulder dress

close-up of the beaded shoulder detail

close-up of my newest h&m almost-obnoxiously-tacky-but-I-love-it-anyway necklace

Also, with this surge of events I have started a WordPress blog specifically dedicated to photos I take and choose as the highlights of each party. Check it out! Recommended to those that might be interested in what actually goes on at the events I attend. Also, I'm particularly proud of it and think it's actually a ton more fun than looking at pictures of myself :)

Have a great week you guys!


  1. Love the dress & shoes. You look great!

  2. Gorgeous dress for a gorgeous lady :) So stoked for all that's coming up for you, I'll definitely check out your Wordpress blog too! And yay for graduating! *throws confetti* :D

  3. That dress rocks lady. You look stupendous!

  4. you look amazing! and i love your photos!

    and congratulations on graduating, AND landing a new job! you are a house on fire and things are going your way! WOO HOO!!!

  5. I saw this at H&M during Christmas break, or at least something very similar to it, but the detailing on one of the shoulders had fallen off...


get it done lovelies! :)