Friday, May 29, 2009

i love you fuzzballs :)

so my boyf's mum showed me this the other day. *(warning, much cuteness and possible "aws" + laffter may ensue).

it's funny that i never really liked cats at all growing up (im a dog lover), but it seemed like every one of my friends owned at least one cat that i became fond of. and of course, the boyf's little mischievous kitty is my favorite ever:

i/we love you Sebastian aka Mr. Fuzzy Pants!

but to not leave out any pets here, since ive never been able to have a dog growing up (i do intend to have one by the time i graduate tho), mike was so amazing and surprised me on my 18th birthday with my own little fuzz ball that would be easy to take care of and small enough to keep in a cage when im not at home...not a kitty, but the most perfect bunny everrr (Roland!) :D

and thus, the following is a miniscroll of Roland & i thru the years:

^taking his first bath

^in his Thanksgiving sweater :)

^on his leash wearing a cape i made him, since he is super awesome and all


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

love my muma

this is a super old pic of my mums when she first came to the states/moved from the Philippines to Boston:

i love everything about it - her leather jacket, the goofy old vintage eyeglasses, her poofy bangs and long hair for a change, and of course the river and the trees covered in snow. snow is one of the best yet worst things about living in the East Coast, but the fresh layers of white in this picture and my mum's timid yet anticipating smile just make me feel so happy with life and growing up here. i love you mumaaa<3!

Friday, May 22, 2009

looove spring

my bikini collection this year! ( far, hehe). i have a ridiculous addiction to buying an over-the-top, excessive amount of bikinis every shopping trip i go on, which is once a week at least. i know i know, the economy........

it was 90 out yesterday and wonderful! normally 90 in boston would ensue dying of heat exhaustion and lots of complaining on my behalf, but since spring hasnt shown much heat at all as of late, the boyf and i quite enjoyed it and spent the day on picnicing at the lake and swinging in the little kids playground. well, it was mostly me swinging (i should mention i have a 5 yr old mentality and would love my own swing set) and then mike hanging around like the monkey man he is:

loveeeee spring, loveeeee the boyf, loveeeee life<3! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


weeee-oooo. so besides allergies of death, spring is here and i love it, esp. considering i havent had to work at my college for the past two weeks due to the May intercession. unfortunately, that short vacation ends next week, but at least all those 9-5 shifts will leave me plenty of time to blog more!

many pictures to post. wedding, boyf's graduation, and silly lazy spring days :) i would like to keep my spring/summer dress routine going strong, and bare toes to wiggle in the grass as much as possible.

but thats all for now, im calling it a night. zzZzZzZZzz

Monday, May 18, 2009

i cant believe im going to Taking Back Sunday in June, Green Day in July, and Blink in August. have i gone back in time to when i was lame and 13??? i dont care, the little school gurl in me is so excited!

Friday, May 15, 2009

my perfect summer vans

woo im on a roll. that's what happens when you work at a job that requires barely any skill or responsibilities and nothing but sitting in front a comp.

anyhows, 2nd on my want list for the day are these:

this chick knows!:

i need ca$$h :/


so since i started this blog a few months back, i havent really had the time to update it. but now that junior year at Emerson is done and over with (*so many sighs of relief), i can now focus some more time on this.

thus, ive been adding/following a bunch of other bloggers that inspire me in some way, most if not all of them creative. so to keep this post short and sweet, thanks for letting me follow you! (in a completely non-creepster fashion, mind you). im working on strengthening my creative juices as well, so here's hoping for a strong start :)

Betsey J you are most exquisite

want of the day: