Friday, May 22, 2009

looove spring

my bikini collection this year! ( far, hehe). i have a ridiculous addiction to buying an over-the-top, excessive amount of bikinis every shopping trip i go on, which is once a week at least. i know i know, the economy........

it was 90 out yesterday and wonderful! normally 90 in boston would ensue dying of heat exhaustion and lots of complaining on my behalf, but since spring hasnt shown much heat at all as of late, the boyf and i quite enjoyed it and spent the day on picnicing at the lake and swinging in the little kids playground. well, it was mostly me swinging (i should mention i have a 5 yr old mentality and would love my own swing set) and then mike hanging around like the monkey man he is:

loveeeee spring, loveeeee the boyf, loveeeee life<3! :)


  1. wow, look at all those bikinis!!! Loving all the colors!

  2. haha hey thanks! i am an admitted bikini-holic.

    but i love your blog as well, you pretty much cover everything i consume & adore! :)

  3. Enjoy them while you can lady. I have a feeling my bikini days are thing of the past. My little man had something to do with it. Fabulous collection!


get it done lovelies! :)