Friday, May 29, 2009

i love you fuzzballs :)

so my boyf's mum showed me this the other day. *(warning, much cuteness and possible "aws" + laffter may ensue).

it's funny that i never really liked cats at all growing up (im a dog lover), but it seemed like every one of my friends owned at least one cat that i became fond of. and of course, the boyf's little mischievous kitty is my favorite ever:

i/we love you Sebastian aka Mr. Fuzzy Pants!

but to not leave out any pets here, since ive never been able to have a dog growing up (i do intend to have one by the time i graduate tho), mike was so amazing and surprised me on my 18th birthday with my own little fuzz ball that would be easy to take care of and small enough to keep in a cage when im not at home...not a kitty, but the most perfect bunny everrr (Roland!) :D

and thus, the following is a miniscroll of Roland & i thru the years:

^taking his first bath

^in his Thanksgiving sweater :)

^on his leash wearing a cape i made him, since he is super awesome and all



  1. i've never really been a pet person period. but when my bf's sister&bf got a cat who was so funny and mischievous and fat...i couldn't help but fall in love! hehe...can't wait to read more from your blog :)

  2. AwwwAww...that is too cute! I love his little sweater:-) Thanks for visiting today, I stopped by to say hi and I am so glad I did so today. There is more cuteness in this first post than any one girl can hope to see in one go:-) Have an awesome weekend!

  3. i can't decide whether i like cats or dogs more, but your boyf's kitty is adorable!

  4. You rabbit look almost identical to mine, except my little cutie has a little mane because she's a lion head.

    So cute.


  5. Awwww I want a rabbit so bad!
    So sweet. xx


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