Sunday, February 28, 2010

february fun buns

ok so i have come to realize that coming back into the blogging world after a long break means updating my blogger layout. for now all i have is a new header, and im still not too sure how much i like it but yah know, i aint no profesh photog or anything.

speaking of "profesh photog," last night had some of the best abbreviated conversation quotes that had me ROFL legit until the next morning. it's even more fun to use abbreves when there are guys around, because you know for sure thatll push most of their buttons ahaha. if any of you lovely blogging ladies arent a fan of the abbreves, well, sry2say it's one of my quirks :P

what are your annoying/quirky habits? i promise to love you all regardless...or at least push those habits to the back of my mind :D

oh btw im also working the sunday funday midnight shift (sarcasm), but at least i have time to avoid attempt to complete my massive amount of homework. that is, until i get stuck on a page like this and my 6 year old mentality causes me to have a giggle fit and cease to continue my scholarly reading.

this is my lame attempt for an engaging photo of the day -
see if you can find the passage im referring to...
is it friday again yet??? my brain is clearly fried...!


  1. haha i love your new header! you are adorable (: oh im one of those people who no matter what will tear at the "tear here" line on sachets or packets of stuff. it annoys me when people don't do the same! (; xo

  2. Love your new header. Killer lady. I'm really BAD about changing the toilet paper roll. Drives the hubs bonkers. Ah ha ha

  3. Love the new heard Mr. Josie!!!

    Have a great weekend...not too much homework, k?

  4. My annoying/quirky habits...I'm not sure if it's annoying, but, I call everyone "my love" or "lovey," and people sometimes take it the wrong way (i.e. strangers and/or people I've just met). I guess it's more of a quirk! :)


get it done lovelies! :)